2020 Colors of the Year

What Are the 2020 Color Trends?

2020 Colors of the Year: What They Are and How To Use Them

With a new year comes new, unique colors. The hottest hues of 2020 run the gamut from soft, warm tones to cool, dark shades. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to reinvent your design, or you just like to be up-to-date on the newest trends, this is the guide you need to be in-the-know.

The Etsy Color of the Year: Chartreuse

Etsy made the bold choice of chartreuse for its color of the year. This vibrant yellow-green has a particular vintage quality to it. Far from a fad, though, chartreuse can infuse your space with the contemporary freshness you’ve been wanting.

Easy Accents

For an effortless way to incorporate chartreuse, consider a chic accent piece. A geometric patterned rug with touches of this yellowish hue adds a pop of color to a neutral palette, while a few chartreuse toss pillows on an ivory couch look bright and cheery. These small additions can have a big impact with little commitment.

Bohemian Bold

If you want a high-impact palette, consider including chartreuse among a spectrum of vivid colors. Etsy’s stylish choice creates a whimsical, bohemian motif alongside other bright hues like red, violet or orange. Pair a chartreuse accent table with a fluffy pouf ottoman for a little eclectic charm in your studio apartment.

Essential Lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to color. Warm, natural light brings out the yellow undertones of chartreuse, while cool indoor lighting emphasizes the green tint. Play with the mood in your room by incorporating lamps that complement both elements of the shade.

The Benjamin Moore Color of the Year: First Light (2102-70)

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is a subtle blush pink. Named First Light, this mellow hue is perfect for those seeking a sweet alternative to beige. With the adaptability of a neutral and a touch of warmth, there are all kinds of creative ways to use it.

Color Me Modern

Another nod to chic, vintage design, this blush hue is anything but dated. This shade is a fresh take on the more saturated millennial pink that’s taken over the wardrobes of young people. Benjamin Moore’s pick is contemporary and trendy, yet it has the timeless beauty associated with its rosy tint.

Gorgeous Instead of Girly

You may want to dismiss this color as too feminine for your space, but it fits in a range of palettes of both light and dark hues. Add a bit of glamour and drama to the dining area when you pair blush dining chairs with an indigo rug. Similarly, you can cultivate a cozy, intimate vibe with rose bedding in a charcoal bedroom.

Unexpected Additions

There are lots of innovative ways to bring a little pink into your home. A Tiffany-style light fixture can give the whole room a faint pinkish glow. On the other hand, hanging artwork adds a hint of the eye-catching shade. Incorporate First Light in unconventional places like the kitchen or bathroom for a little modern flair.

The Pantone Color of the Year: 19-4052 Classic Blue

For its color of the year, Pantone chose a timeless favorite, a deep blue reminiscent of the twilight sky. Darker than cerulean but less purple than indigo, Classic Blue is balanced and dependable, perfect for any palette.

Go Big on Blue

Thanks to its versatility, you can use Classic Blue in your space in a big way. Opt for a blue living room set for a cool take on furniture staples like sectionals and recliners. If you’re thinking of trying out a monochromatic palette, start by painting the walls navy or teal, then use Classic Blue furnishings to create a serene, refreshing atmosphere.

Textured for Success

Shake things up with a variety of fabrics and materials to showcase Pantone’s Classic Blue. A velvet ottoman looks posh and refined, while a shag rug adds texture to a contemporary space. Choose a leather accent chair for a sleek and surprising use of this hue.

Patterns All Around

Create some visual interest in your room by using Classic Blue in an exciting pattern. A striped rug draws the eye, creating a fun accent piece, while a chevron pillow serves as a playful accessory. Select artwork with a more intricate design like paisley or damask for a daring focal point.

The Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year: Naval SW 6244

Leading paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams also named blue its color of 2020, but Naval is deeper and darker than Pantone’s Classic Blue. According to the company, the Roaring ’20s inspired this rich navy hue, but the stunning color has a lasting allure that will endure through the decades.

Go Coastal

As the name implies, this shade invokes nautical vibes. You’ll feel your worries wash away with the tides when you recline on a navy sectional after a long day. Likewise, you can achieve a beach house-chic look with a deep blue rug and coordinating curtains.

Contrast and Complement

Pair Naval with another color of the year for an on-trend palette. Chartreuse throw pillows are the perfect finishing touch to arrange on top of a navy comforter. Alternatively, choose blush pink to pair with this darker hue for a soothing atmosphere in your new baby’s nursery.

From Tile to Tabletops

Like Classic Blue, you can use Naval on a large scale without overwhelming your design, making it an ideal choice for major remodeling jobs. Update the kitchen with navy blue cabinets, or create a beautiful backsplash with a mosaic of dark and light tiles. The bathroom will feel new and luxurious with a blue vanity and white marble countertops.

Start the Decade in Style

With 2020 well underway, now is the time to reimagine, explore and experiment with your home decor. Whether you prefer bright and cheerful chartreuse, demure and romantic First Light, or the cool sophistication of Classic Blue and Naval, the trendiest shades of the year have something for everybody.