5 Décor Tips for a Small Kitchen

Fall back in love with the heart of your home

Small kitchen? No problem.  The right furnishings and accessories can make the most out of your tight spaces and help make your kitchen more efficient.  After all, what’s not to love about a great looking space that keeps everything you need at your fingertips?


Here are our top five décor tricks for making the most of your small kitchen.

1 – Add Work Space and Storage with a Kitchen Cart or Island

A kitchen island or cart expands your prep area and offers plenty of opportunity for additional storage.

Look for a spacious, uninterrupted top surface.  A butcher block top offers farmhouse look and a resilient material.


Depending on your style, consider open shelving to keep your pots and pans easily accessible, or drawers and cabinets to hide clutter.

A kitchen island on wheels allows you to move it around easily.  Move it to the wall to tuck it out of the way when not in use, or roll it over near the table as a server if needed.

If your kitchen layout can’t handle an island, a small cart or accent cabinet against the wall can be the perfect fit.

Free up your counter space with a microwave and coffee cart … the ideal spot for breakfast prep.  Or add a cart with wine storage and stemware holders for an instant bar, you’ll have a small tableside server as well as extra storage space for bowls and platters.


2 – Add Dining with a Small Table and Chairs Set

A small table and chairs can mean different things to different spaces.

Maybe you’ve got a nook just the right size for a counter height bistro table with stools.


Choose one with a bit of storage and you get the benefit of a dining table and a sideboard all in one piece.

If you’ve got room, look at dining tables with more storage for even more options.  Some have a lower shelf; others offer room for wine bottles or dishes and serving utensils.


A pub table set offers a casual feel and an elevated perspective.

If you’ve got an overhanging countertop, consider a few barstools.  They’ll add an instant spot to grab a quick bite, while adding a flourish to your space.

Don’t be shy about punching up your décor with a pop of color or interesting texture.

3 – Add Shelves

Short on cabinet space and have open wall space above your counters? Try hanging shelves. Wall shelving can add just enough space to organize your favorite serving platters, keep your coffee mugs and accessories at your fingertips or stow glassware, dishes and glass jars of dry goods.

If you have a larger open wall area, instead of adding a cupboard, think about open shelving here too.  In a small kitchen, adding closed cabinets can make the space seem even more closed in.  Look for servers with open shelving or even a bookcase can offer you the open storage you need to keep your kitchen cooking.


4 – Brighten with the Right Lighting

Open up your space with lots of light.  Task lighting at your countertops is key for prep and cooking, but overhead lighting, chandeliers and pendants will brighten your kitchen and help it look more spacious.

Groups of small pendants work well over islands and open counters.  Chandeliers and bigger ceiling fixtures are perfect above a table or centered in the kitchen work triangle.


5 – Spruce up the Walls with Art and Clock

Whet your appetite  with some eye candy.  Wall art featuring herbs or greenery are a natural choice and offer a soothing look.  But go with whatever excites you whether it’s modern, trendy, kitschy or farmhouse. A fabulous look will make you enjoy the space all that much more.

Wall art adds personality, but every kitchen also needs a very visible wall clock.  It will help you stay on schedule and keep track of cook times.

Start your day right enjoying your breakfast and coffee on a small counter height bistro table tucked into your kitchen nook.  Adorn your walls with some sassy art and a clock to keep life running on time.
Start your day right enjoying your breakfast and coffee on a small counter height bistro table tucked into your kitchen nook.  Adorn your walls with some sassy art and a clock to keep life running on time.


So go ahead, optimize your kitchen.  No matter how tight your space is, you’ll thank yourself daily for the improvements to the way it looks and functions.


Make sure your kitchen works as hard as you do … and that it looks great doing it!