Bedroom Designs For Couples

Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Couple Room Ideas You’ll Love

Designing a bedroom that represents you and your partner can be a challenge. From choosing colors that work well together to finding the perfect furnishings, there’s a lot to consider.

If you’re looking for some new bedroom ideas for couples, check out these pointers to help you and your other half navigate the collaborative art of bedroom design.

Pick Colors to Please

The first step is choosing a color scheme. Whether it’s vibrant and energizing or dark and moody, color is the foundation of any style. From dressers and nightstands to functional decorative items, there are countless opportunities to play with different shades. Discuss and share your favorite combinations with one another to find a palette that works.

Option 1: Keep it Neutral

Simple, tried-and-true neutral hues are a popular choice for bedrooms, and for a good reason. Colors like ivory, beige, gray and black provide a versatile backdrop for your imagination to run wild. For example, brown or wood-finished king bedroom sets for couples are great foundational pieces.

Option 2: Use Pops of Color

While neutrals work wonders for some, compromises may be necessary to keep you both happy. You might want charcoal gray for the walls while your partner has their heart set on maroon. Luckily, there are tricks to accommodate any palette.


An easy way to meet in the middle is by saving bolder hues for smaller decorative items. Add bedding and decor in eye-catching hues to showcase your significant other’s love of ocean blue, marigold or green accents.

Used effectively, these targeted accents bring an exciting dynamic to your shared space.
Used effectively, these targeted accents bring an exciting dynamic to your shared space.

Bedroom Themes for Couples

Once you’ve decided on a color scheme, you’ll next need to agree on a theme. Do you love the elegance of traditional furniture, but your partner prefers rustic and cottage-style pieces? Reach a solution by choosing a bedroom set for couples that blends the two. The lavish details will appeal to your tastes, while the distressed wood finish provides the warmth and charm they want.

Love the look of classic decor versus your partner’s more transitional approach? Bend the rules and include both for a diverse and personalized aesthetic. Implementing multiple styles in your room can lead to surprising results, so explore the boundaries of a particular theme and find what works for both of you.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for a Husband and Wife

The right couples house decor appeals to each person’s sensibilities. Select items with one another in mind to ensure each of your personalities shines through. Bringing your couple room design ideas to life may take some time, but a little teamwork makes the process much simpler.

Meeting in the Middle

An important route to compromise is choosing pieces with decorative elements you both enjoy. For example, a weathered, wood-finished chest of drawers combines one partner’s fondness for texture and the other’s affinity for antiques.

Every furnishing in your bedroom is an opportunity to collaborate with your partner. For example, consider an upholstered headboard that features both contemporary elements for you and sophisticated details for your significant other.

Balancing Bedroom Ideas for Couples

The ideal bedroom design for couples represents both people’s unique tastes and preferences. Of course, style clashes can happen unless you make an effort to blend your ideas. If you find that something seems off in your room, try rearranging pieces in a way that brings balance and harmony to the space.

Keep it Open

As you consider bedroom set ideas for couples, make sure that your ensemble fits the room. If the space feels too full or cluttered, try changing the layout or removing unnecessary furniture. When shopping for a new bedroom set, choose one with an appropriate number of pieces to fit the room and your needs.


Sometimes the easiest way to make your shared space feel less cramped is to downsize your bed. A queen bedroom set offers plenty of room for most couples to sleep, snuggle and stretch out comfortably. Plus, these bedframes have a smaller footprint than a king, which can make a big difference in your floor plan.


Also, remember that dark colors can make a room seem smaller than it actually is. In compact spaces, keep black, charcoal gray, chocolate brown and other deep shades in supporting roles. You can also look for bedroom suites that include a dresser mirror to make the room feel more spacious.

A queen bedroom set offers plenty of room for most couples to sleep, snuggle and stretch out comfortably.
A queen bedroom set offers plenty of room for most couples to sleep, snuggle and stretch out comfortably.

Lighting Ideas for a Couples Bedroom

Light fixtures are especially important in bedrooms that have little natural lighting. Place a slender floor lamp in the corner to give the room an ambient glow for relaxation. Or install sconces on each side of the bed for more focused light for partners who like to read at night. You can also explore unique bedside lighting options like pendants or chandeliers.

Where You Lay Your Head

An often-overlooked part of tailoring your bedroom is perhaps the most important. Choosing the right mattress is an essential part of designing a couple-friendly bedroom. Just as color and theme come down to personal taste, everyone has their own preference for a mattress. Firm or soft? Spring or memory foam? Talk with your partner about what each of you need for a good night’s sleep.

The Best of Both Worlds

The best room ideas for couples involve compromise, so you must work together to create a space that suits both of you. When designing bedrooms for couples, ideas can sometimes clash. By discussing furniture, color, accessories and room size with your partner, you’re more likely to achieve a result you’ll both love for years to come.