Decorating with Earth Tones

Earth Tone Decor: Bringing Nature Indoors

Adding Earthy Hues to Your Living Room

When it comes to interior design, going green is in high-demand. Why not apply this idea throughout your family room? Decorating with earth tones can help refresh your look and cultivate a calming, relaxed atmosphere. Check out these earth tone decorating ideas as you explore how to use an earthy color palette in your decor.

Rapallo Saddle Leather 5Pc Living Room Set
Rapallo Saddle Leather 5Pc Living Room Set

What Are Earth Tones?

Contrary to what many people think, earth tones are more than just brown. An earthy color palette can feature any shades found in nature. For example:

  • Browns: Dark walnut and cedar shades evoke the sturdy grounded feel of the trees and the soil.
  • Greens: Lush pine, sage and mossy green hues bring the tranquil vibe of the forest to your home.
  • Neutral Colors: Adding neutral colors like snowy white, cloud-gray and sandy beige help more vibrant earth tones pop.
  • Warm Tones: Dessert colors such as sienna, mustard and burgundy promote a warm and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Cool Hues: Invigorating shades of sky blue, graphite and silver give your design the refreshing feel of the great outdoors.
  • Surprise Shades: Even bold shades of blue, pink and purple appear in sunsets and wildflower meadows as accent colors to earth tones.

Earth Tone Living Room Ideas: Creating an Earthy Color Palette

You can get creative with the various earth tones you use throughout your design. The various muted and robust hues allow you to create a beautiful and balanced look for your layout. Here is some info about establishing an earth tone color scheme for your living room.

Natural Colors for a Solid Foundation

A fresh coat of paint can bring a soothing earthy vibe to your living room. For a soothing earthiness throughout the whole room, consider a fresh coat of paint. Wrapping the space in rich earth tones gives the design a simple base that allows vibrant decor to stand out. Neutral color combinations like greige and granite or tan with brown undertones are go-to options that complement scarlet sofas and colorful wall art with ease.

If you prefer a bolder choice of paint, opt for auburn, burnt sienna or forest green. Pairing these eye-catching fall colors with caramel-colored sectional sets or harvest gold accent chairs creates a warm and inviting feel for your living room. You can also paint a bright orange or deep purple accent wall for a more dramatic look.

Aldie Lane Java 2 Pc Sectional
Aldie Lane Java 2 Pc Sectional

Setting the Tone for Your Home

Choosing earth tone colors for your living room enhances the comfortable ambiance of your design. Plush brown area rugs and soft gray accent cabinets establish a relaxing atmosphere for kicking back and enjoying your favorite shows. Similarly, decorating with orange decor like apricot accent pillows and tangerine ottomans inspires a cheerful vibe suitable for fun family game nights.

Organic Textures and Patterns


Even nature-themed wall decor featuring plants, animals and seascapes can have a big impact.

Another effective way to incorporate earth tones into your home is through patterns in nature.

Gorgeous light wood sculptures and accent pieces also bring natural beauty to your setup. Throw blankets and decorative round rugs with flower and leaf prints showcase these beautiful organic designs.

Even nature-themed wall decor featuring plants, animals and seascapes can have a big impact.

Earth Tone Living Room Decor

Once you’ve created the perfect earthy color palette for your living room, it’s time to fill the space with earth tone home decor. There is a wide range of furnishings and decorative accents to help you create the charming down-home design of your dreams. Use a few of these earth-tone items to transform your living room into an earthy retreat.

Wooden Furniture

Wood furniture and decor brings the very essence of the outdoors inside. With a wide range of items available in various earthy shades, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces for your palette. Here are a few ways to use wood in your design:

  • Wood Floors – Always timeless and available in a wide range of types and finishes, hardwood floors will give your home a refined, earthy ambiance.
  • Wood End Tables – When developing earth tone decorating ideas for your living room, consider a set of sturdy dark wood end tables complement your color scheme.
  • Light Wood – Consider pieces with a raw, rough-hewn look like a light wood TV stand so you can appreciate the natural beauty of the wood.
  • Wooden Legs – Mixing materials can also have a grounding effect on your design. Cushy green loveseats with wooden legs showcase subtle earth-tone upholstery alongside the natural wood base.

Earth Tone Upholstery in Several Styles

These stabilizing hues complement an array of designs, so feel free to weigh your options to find the perfect combination. Here are a few stylish suggestions on how to integrate earth tone furniture into your home:

  • Farmhouse: A rustic leather living room set in a rich saddle brown hue adds warmth to your layout and works well with the rugged, lived-in aesthetic.
  • Traditional: Natural woodgrain and a dark, chocolatey finish make traditional console tables a perfect choice for your classic earth-tone living room design.
  • Contemporary: Sleek modular sectionals wrapped in terracotta fabric offer a chic twist on the more subdued palettes that are usually associated with modern design.
  • Mid-Century: An earthy color palette is right at home in this retro style. Try pairing a soft beige modern sofa with a matching arm chair and footrest combo.
Cindy Crawford Home Key West Palms Sand Chaise
Cindy Crawford Home Key West Palms Sand Chaise

Gorgeous and Grounded Earth Tone Decor


Earth tone area rugs bring charming warmth to your living room layout. Beige and gray rugs provide a stable base for your vibrant blue sofa set. You can also use a dynamic red rug to bring a unique splash of color to the space and liven up a more neutral palette. For an extra cozy touch, many of these rugs have ultra-soft shag material that you can sink your toes in.

Lamps and Light Fixtures

Playing with light is another wonderful way to use earth tones in your decor. Table lamps with off-white shades and gorgeous aqua bases give the whole room a gold or green glow. On the other hand, the elemental tones of metallic bronze and copper chandeliers add an extra shimmering touch to your design.

Plant Decor

Biophilic design is all the rage. It focuses on directly connecting people to nature through live foliage. House plants and silk florals are a great refreshing touch that can help energize your living room layout. Choose colorful flowers, gorgeous ferns and succulents in colorful planters for a dynamic addition to your home.

Enhance Your Living Room’s Natural Beauty

Whether you’re planning a full-scale remodel or sprucing up your home in smaller ways, earth tones can rejuvenate your living room. Adding some greenery, drawing inspiration from patterns in nature or concocting your own earthy color palette are just a few techniques to create beautiful spaces that Mother Nature herself would love to live in.