Decorating an Orange Living Room

Orange Theme: Orange as the Main Attraction

Are you looking for a way to add some excitement and warmth to your home decor? Maybe it’s time to try decorating with orange. From vivid cantaloupe to rich amber, this color comes in plenty of shades to fit any aesthetic or style.

If you find orange color schemes intimidating but you’re ready to shake things up, read on for some cool tips on this hot hue.

What Are the Most Popular Shades of Orange?

From dark and dramatic to bright and cheerful, orange furniture is available in a wide range of shades. If you want an earthy look, opt for oranges with brown undertones, such as burnt orange, squash or spice. For a sunnier palette, try yellowish options like tangerine or honey. Meanwhile, colors like blood orange have a deeper, reddish tint.

What Colors Go with Orange?

Pairing orange with other shades can subtly influence the mood and style of your home. Experimenting with different combinations can yield stunning and maybe even unexpected results, so take some time to play around with your options. Check out these tried and true ideas for some orange inspiration:

Orange & Gray

This color scheme is flexible, so you can choose to alternate between orange or gray depending on where you want your focal point. Slate walls offer a solid, neutral background for an orange accent chair, while a contemporary gray sectional stands out when placed on an apricot wall.

Orange & Teal

Orange and teal are a bright, contrasting combo that can elevate your design. Use a mid-century teal sofa with copper pendant lights or chandeliers accents to capture a fun, retro aesthetic. For a more subtle effect, select pastel shades of marmalade and turquoise.

Orange & Navy Blue

Orange and navy blue give your space a sophisticated appeal. Create a chic look with a glamorous dark blue sectional and a couple of terracotta armchairs for a balance of warm and cool hues. To give the ensemble a more cohesive appeal, add a few ginger pillows to the couch and drape an indigo blanket over one of the chairs.

Orange & Green

Whether you want a palette that’s muted or eye-catching, orange and green are excellent picks. Choose a tangerine recliner and a sage rug for a cozy reading nook in the den. In the dining room, try placing a silk floral arrangement on a wooden sofa table with orangey undertones.

How to Add Orange to Your Living Room

Sofas & Sectionals

Bright Orange Sofa Sets

One of the challenges of designing a room with larger pieces like an orange couch is finding balance. Pair ginger seating with a tan rug and dark wood tables for a well-appointed look that puts your sofa at center stage. For the finishing touches, use a few orange decor pieces, such as honey-tinted lamps and mirrors or toss pillows with waves of marigold.

Earthy Orange Sectional

Another great way to showcase an orange living room set is to place it in an otherwise neutral space. A monochromatic backdrop of beige, ivory or dove gray allows the bolder color to shine. Look for end tables, lighting and wall decor in subdued shades that allow a clay or papaya sectional to serve as a captivating centerpiece.

Lighting & Lamps

Awesomely Analogous

If you’re hesitant to commit to a bigger piece of orange furniture, dip your toe in the water with an orange lamp or two. Lighting is a necessity for your living space, but it’s also a good place to get a little adventurous with your design and explore an analogous palette. Analogous shades border each other on the color wheel, creating a subtle contrast.

This looks best in measured doses, so focus on using this technique with accessories and smaller furniture. For instance, try accenting your living room with a copper floor lamp, a flower arrangement of daffodils on the coffee table and several red throw pillows on the couch for a lovely effect that draws the eye across the room.


Taking the Temperature

Is there such a thing as too cozy? Maybe so when it comes to your den. Orange living rooms can be warm and snug, but this can also translate to seeming cramped. The right orange rug can help create an aesthetic that’s simultaneously welcoming and spacious because it strikes a balance between hot and cold.

Look for a multicolored rug that’s mostly orange with embellishments in blue and gray. The resulting motif has a soothing rhythm and flow that helps the space look more open and organized.

It's important to maintain this equilibrium so that your home feels accessible and inviting.
It's important to maintain this equilibrium so that your home feels accessible and inviting.


Make it Monochrome

If you’re in love with the monochromatic look, but you’re afraid that it might be overpowering, an orange chair is a nice jumping-off point. Start by selecting a style in a darker shade, like squash, then begin incorporating other orange accessories to build the look. Add a burnt orange coffee table or a vintage-inspired rug for a curated design.


Complementary Contrast

An orange ottoman is a simple way to create some visual interest. Since these pieces are small, you can be a little more daring with your choices, so select vivid shades like tiger orange or cantaloupe.

Use one of these ottomans with a navy sofa for a gorgeous contrast. Orange and blue are complementary, meaning that they sit opposite each other on the color wheel. This combination amounts to a balanced palette that keeps your eyes moving across the room.

Cube-shaped stools are a smart pick since they complement nearly any layout, plus they easily fit in the corner, in the nook of the sectional or against a wall.
Cube-shaped stools are a smart pick since they complement nearly any layout, plus they easily fit in the corner, in the nook of the sectional or against a wall.

Warm it Up

Orange also serves as a unique accent if you’re unsure about going for an all-orange living room motif. Abstract art featuring burnt orange alongside blues, yellows and reds adds a hint of warmth to your room. If you’re looking for something a bit more intense, opt for a large floral print of vibrant orange lilies.

If you prefer accessories that are also functional, consider including an orange table in your living room ensemble. Place copper accent tables on either end of your sofa for a convenient and stylish spot to set drinks and lamps. Alternatively, create a chic arrangement by clustering several end stands together to display potted plants, photos or sculptures.

Take the Leap into Orange

Finding orange decor and furniture that fits your space and your tastes is easier than most people might think. From earthy terracotta to brilliant apricot, this versatile hue works beautifully with a variety of other colors. Whether you’re ready to go all orange all the time, or you just want a touch of tangerine, these tips will help you design your own orange living room.