Dining Room Revive – Farmhouse Style

Enjoy “Dining In” with Fresh Updates to Your At-Home Eating Space

If you’re like most people you’ve found yourself eating in more often this past year. All this time at home might have given you the urge to upgrade the look of your dining room so there’ll be more to enjoy during mealtime with family or roommates.


Your dining room is a great spot to sprinkle in some modern farmhouse elements.  They perfectly enhance the way this room celebrates togetherness.  There are simple ways to freshen things up and incorporate the charm and welcoming aesthetic that this popular style offers.

Farmhouse style gives the sense that a room has evolved over time, with the addition of hand-me-down pieces and consignment store treasures. Spaces feel natural, warm and welcoming. With a mix of old and new … including some sleek pieces along-side the comfy cozy elements.


In a farmhouse, nothing has to match. Because of this blended look, you get to choose whether you want to go all-in right away or simply take baby steps to have your farmhouse room emerge as you find the pieces you love.


Farmhouse Style Materials

Natural materials are central in this décor including natural wood.  This is easily incorporated with a wood table, wood stools, or wood beams on ceiling. Wood can be left in its natural hue in an unfinished state or stained to different shades.

Reclaimed wood pieces can lend a feeling of history and resourcefulness.

Metal elements also make an appearance. Black or burnished steel and wrought iron are easy options. The look of these pieces can lean toward industrial style.  Copper is another obvious choice. Mix in the metal with lighting, stools, chairs, serving items, shelving, clocks, wire baskets and other vintage décor elements.  Some wood farmhouse tables will incorporate metal accent elements as well.


Modern farmhouse design is slightly less rustic than a straight country or a traditional farmhouse approach.  It incorporates some sleeker lines and some sophisticated elements.  Décor is somewhat minimal and will integrate useful items, for instance vintage scales for weighing baking ingredients, clocks, mason jars and jugs, baskets for storage and the like.

In a farmhouse, nothing has to match.  Add a vintage sideboard to your dining room.  Rather than trying to match the wood tone, select one with a darker or lighter finish than your table, or choose a painted server instead.


Farmhouse Chic Soft Neutral Color Palette

To complement the natural woods and metal finishes fill your room with soft, neutral shades like taupe, gray, beige, and white.

Light neutral shades can keep a room feeling fresh and effortless, however if you are looking for more depth of color, add in steel blue or sage green. Each blend well with a natural palette, maintaining a subtle aesthetic.  For a more playful space, create a pop of color with country blue or aged red.

Add a fun accent in a surprising hue or introduce color and verve with dinnerware.

Choose sparingly. Selective touches of an accent color play off of the neutral hues while allowing the soft and natural palette to dominate the space.


Farmhouse Table

Central to your dining room will be a farmhouse table. Look for chunky proportions; it can be supported with substantial spindle legs or a robust X-style or trestle base.  Both natural and painted wood work well.  Two tone wood finishes add depth and character.  Roughhewn or repurposed wood scream rustic. Other finishes with a distressed treatment offer a softer country vibe.

Consider a bench, it automatically evokes the farmhouse look and is especially great for families with young kids.

Dining chairs don’t have to match.  Mix wood and metal seats.  If you have a table and chair set that matches, add some rattan or upholstered chairs at the ends of the table.  Look for distressed finishes and neutral colors.

A roomy farmhouse table will bring you season after season of enjoyment.  Imagine bountiful holiday gatherings filled with family and friends.
A roomy farmhouse table will bring you season after season of enjoyment. Imagine bountiful holiday gatherings filled with family and friends.

Fresh Farmhouse Lighting

Farmhouse lighting can have a rustic feel.  This is a great place to add metal finishes to your décor.  Look for simple silhouettes in steel, wrought iron or copper.  Stripped down looks with rustic approaches work well.  Chandeliers that showcase exposed vintage bulbs and lantern style pendants are perfect.

If your room is already filled with rustic elements, you could choose a somewhat sleeker  or funkier fixture for the lighting, as long as you keep it simple and clean.

Textured Rugs and Inviting Textiles

Keep things neutral on the floor for a simple, open and airy look.  Choose subtle pattern and interesting texture in rugs to go over your wood plank flooring.  A distressed or weathered look will lends a hint of the vintage quality you are looking for.

This is a great place to introduce touches of color.  But stay light-handed with it so you don’t overwhelm the space.

Upholstered chairs and curtains help soften the hard lines of unfinished wood. As with the wood and metal finishes, not all materials have to match.  Look for tone-on-tone combinations, or soft neutrals that sit well beside one another.

Architectural Elements and Décor Pieces

The hallmarks of the farmhouse style include apron front sinks in the kitchen, exposed natural wood beams in the ceiling, shiplap or wood panels on the walls and a sliding barn door. These elements go a long way to enhancing the farmhouse feel.

But if big changes like these aren’t in your budget, not to worry.  Decorate walls with oversized clocks, wreaths, vintage signs and décor items.   Install open shelving or pick up a server and hutch with open shelves.  These large items will fill in the voids and carry through the farmhouse look on your walls.

Keep serving dishes easily within reach not hidden away behind stuffy glass curio cabinet doors.  Fill the shelves with platters and pitchers that can be used for serving during mealtime and displayed as décor when not in use.

Don’t saturate your room with country “kitsch” (barnyard animals or daisies), one or two pieces is fine. Instead look for décor items at an antique shop to add a vintage flare.  If you don’t have time or inclination to go thrifting then vintage-inspired décor items are a great option. And keep in mind that adding greenery always works, and enhances the natural and welcoming effect of the style.

Farmhouse is a style that makes your home feel homier, it transitions well through the seasons and is absolutely stunning during the holidays.
Farmhouse is a style that makes your home feel homier, it transitions well through the seasons and is absolutely stunning during the holidays.

A Warm and Welcoming Place to Gather

Whether your vision is deep and moody brown or bright and airy white, this is a look that is can be acquired over time.  So you don’t have to be in a rush, add the charm when you fall across it.  You’ll end up with a timeless look that you love for years to come.