Get Some Fresh Air

Small patios with BIG personality that’ll have you spending more time outside.

Don’t let a small patio get you down, any size patio can feel as big as the beautiful blue sky overhead with the right patio décor and outdoor furniture.


If your porch or patio is particularly tiny, first consider how you want to use the space you’ve got – dining, sitting or lounging.  If you’re fortunate enough to have a bit more room you’ll have the luxury of a multipurpose outside living area.


Outdoor Seating and Lounging

Crisp new styles crafted from weather-tested materials will have you sitting pretty in your outdoor space.  Any small patio, deck or balcony benefits from a seating group or chat set that lets you spend time with friends or simply relax and take in the view.

A cozy porch makes the perfect spot to connect with family or neighbors.


Adding an outdoor rug and wall décor creates a backyard space that feels just as well appointed as your indoor living.

Enjoy an intimate setting for conversation in your courtyard.  A loveseat and chair might be all you need.


Stick to simple, refined lines for a serene, minimalist quality and Zen-like appeal.

Create an outdoor room in your garden that invites you to sit down and stay a while.


Ease into a breezy boho look.  Life’s day-to-day worries melt away … you’ll feel transported.

Sofas, loveseats or armchairs come together as comfortable, flexible conversation areas and work well in small outdoor living spaces.  Sectionals can work too, if you find the perfect fit.  But be sure to measure carefully and allow for lots of open space, it can be really easy to overwhelm a small balcony with a sectional that’s simply too big.

Extend the season spending chilly nights on the patio by adding a fire pit to your conversation set.


For the most versatility choose a fire pit table designed to serve double duty – both cocktail table and heat source.

Curl up with a good book by day or unwind with a glass of wine by night.  Set yourself up with a cozy seat that envelops you in comfort and lets you recharge with a little quiet “me” time.

Wanna soak in the sun? Pick a pair of chaise lounges and transform your patio into an outdoor oasis.


With an umbrella for shade on those oh-so-hot days and a side table for your ice tea or frozen cocktail, you’ll feel like you’re at a resort every time you step outside.

Dining Al Fresco

Enjoy every meal outdoors with a dining set on your porch or patio.  Whether its morning coffee with the early birds or a late dinner under the stars, you’ll be amazed at how often you use it once you’ve got it.

Look for trim lines to fit the most chairs your space can hold, especially armless chairs which require less room to get in and out of.  A round table is easier to move around when space is at a premium and a counter height table with bar stools will make the most of your vertical space.

Counter or bar height tables are great for balconies with railings. You’ll sit higher so the handrail won’t block your view.

Make it Unique with Patio Décor

Adding flowers and greenery with container plants will bring a lush quality to your outdoor living, even on a fifth floor balcony.  Other options include wall art, an oversized clock, sculptures and decorative lighting.

Decorating your small patio with plants is a no-brainer.  To take advantage of vertical space when you don’t have much square footage to spare, vary the heights with plant stands and planters of different sizes.


Don’t have the space for big plants?  No worries, add a small succulent container to the table top or add greenery with a wall garden.

Wall art or metal wall hangings created for use outside hold up to the elements and add flair to any empty wall.

Don’t be afraid to get playful with your patio décor.  Choose unique finds or personal items to add some character that’s all your own.

A patio can extend your home living space no matter what the size.  Grab a few of our small patio design ideas to incorporate into your backyard space.  Before you know it you’ll be enjoying season after season of fun and making many lasting memories outside.