Best Entryway Storage Ideas

How to Clear Your Hallways with Entryway Storage

Best Entryway Storage Ideas

An Entryway Face Lift

The entrance to your home provides the first thing guests see and forms their last impression when they leave. Naturally, you’ll want it to feel as welcoming, cozy, and stylish as possible, but it’s hard for any room to look chic covered in cast-off shoes and backpacks. The first step to refreshing an entryway is to clear away and organize the mess.

Sources of Hallway Clutter

The key to creating a neat, open entrance is to understand the things that make it seem crowded. Even pieces that provide convenience and order can lead to a visually busy entryway if you have too many of them. Common clutter in the hallway includes:

  • Shoes and outerwear
  • Large racks for coats and umbrellas
  • Excess seating and tables
  • Loose keys, mail, pet leashes, bags, and other items
An accent cabinet with doors is a great choice to organize an entryway.

Every little bit of space counts, so it only makes sense to conserve square footage. Keeping your entryway clear might be an ongoing battle, but it’s easy with the right strategy. Here are some simple hallway storage ideas to get the most from your foyer.

Essential Entryway Elements

A good place to start is coat and shoe storage. If you live in a big household, having a spot for outerwear besides the floor or bench in front of the door is a must. Even people who live alone can easily amass a collection of jackets and sneakers that gets out of hand.

In addition to the things you need to store, available space may determine the furniture you choose. Common hallway storage ideas include cabinets, hall trees, cubbies, wall hooks, shelving, shoe racks, benches, and accent tables. We’ll consider the merits of each to help you decide which is best for you.

Multi-Functional Hallway Storage Ideas

Choosing furniture that can meet several needs gets the most mileage from a room. In many cases, selecting storage that holds a variety of items rather than buying multiple organizers is practical. When you pick multi-purpose pieces, a tiny entryway can feel big, open, and, best of all, inviting.


If you have a large number of accessories to store and a decent amount of space, an accent cabinet with doors is a great choice to organize an entryway. Too many hanging coats can be an eyesore, so having a place to tuck them away is useful. A tall cabinet or chest is an excellent alternative for homes and apartments missing a hallway closet.

Open Storage

Although cabinets are convenient in homes with a larger foyer, closed storage takes up a lot of room. Tall, narrow, and open, hall trees work as a substitute for compact areas. These pieces often include hooks for coats and scarves, cubbies for shoes and gloves, and an attached bench.

If you’re looking to declutter on a budget, hallway cubbies can be a low-cost choice. Models featuring small, deep storage shelves are ideal if entryway shoe storage is the major issue. For a multi-purpose option, try one with larger cubbies that can also fit purses and outerwear. Slide in some fabric storage cubes or stylish baskets to corral loose items.

Seating Options

Seating in the hallway gives visitors a place to relax while taking off their shoes. However, more than one or two chairs could make for a cramped entryway, especially if you need storage furniture as well.

Entryway storage benches create a solution to this problem, offering comfy seating as well as a hidden compartment for odds and ends. You may be able to replace a chair and shoe rack with one piece of furniture, or simply add a small hallway storage bench to the existing entryway design.

Wall Organizers

Another way to keep a hallway clear is by taking advantage of empty walls. Instead of a key dish on a table, attach hooks to the wall. Hooks can multi-task to hold keys, coats, leashes, and purses, freeing up the floor beneath. Adding a shelf above provides extra storage and room for decorations.

Entryway Tables

It’s helpful to have a spot in the entryway to throw keys, phones, spare change, or mail while coming and going. For a spacious foyer, a round table centered below an entryway chandelier is a classic choice. For a smaller entryway, a shallow console table against one wall is ideal. As you shop, check table dimensions to make sure they will allow the front door to open and close with ease and don’t constrict the flow of traffic.

Table drawers present new hallway storage ideas, and lower shelves for baskets offer coat, bag, and shoe storage. Tabletop decor arrangements can also be both fashionable and functional. Decorate with fun organizers, or hang a decorative mirror above the table for last-minute checks before stepping out the door.

Things to Keep in Mind

Deciding how to clear your hallways with entryway storage is a breeze once you’ve taken stock of the available space and biggest sources of clutter. When decorating an entryway, less is more, and clever use of hallway storage ideas can make this area efficient and charming with little effort.