How to Furnish a 500 Sq Ft Studio Apartment

Tips for Small Apartment Spaces

How to Furnish a Small Studio Apartment

Decorating a small studio apartment can be a design challenge. The limited space may seem cramped, but it also presents big opportunities for clever arrangements and a truly original look. Choosing the right layout, furniture, and color scheme are the keys to creating a cozy place that feels larger than life.

Get Creative

Embrace bright hues when selecting furniture for small apartments. The dimensions may be tiny, but you can still express yourself through fun patterns and colors. Pick up a few accent pillows with funky prints, make a statement with a bold red couch, or add drama with a vibrant, art-inspired area rug. Pieces that mix materials, like a glass-top end table with shiny chrome legs, have a big impact.

Establish Zones

To make the most out of decorating a small studio apartment, the first step is to break it up into distinct zones. It may seem strange to create even tinier sections in a home that’s so compact, but this tactic can actually make a small space feel more livable, offering separate areas for work, play, and sleep.

Check out these studio apartment ideas for each “room”:

Living Room

Everybody needs a place to relax and entertain, regardless of the size of their home. Search for space-saving furniture like apartment-size sofas or sets with coordinating pieces, such as a matching loveseat and chair. Movable items afford even more flexibility. Modify your sofa into a mini sectional with a chaise lounge, or use an ottoman as extra seating and a coffee table.


When decorating a small studio apartment, it’s still possible to have a private bedroom. Arrange a ceiling-height bookcase by the bed for a comfy sleeping nook. The shelves can serve as a room divider, as well as a convenient spot for books and decor as well as useful storage for household items, bedding, and clothes.

Dining Room and Kitchen

The kitchen will likely have to do double-duty as the dining room, too. A table with a dropleaf design stays compact until dinner time. A petite two-person bistro set is another excellent option. Choose side chairs that you can use throughout the home when needed. You can also add a handy ladder-style shelf for dinnerware and pantry items.

Dining Room Set with Folding Table also Serves as a Workstation

Dining Room Set with Folding Table also Serves as a Workstation


Office furniture for small apartments needs to have many uses. Look for a desk with cubbies for a safe spot to store important documents. Position the piece behind the couch to display photos or set down drinks. Borrow a chair from the dining area when it’s time to work, or select a rolling chair that’s easy to move wherever you need another seat. Alternately, look for a dining table that can pull double duty as a desk.

Multipurpose Furniture

Finding space-saving furniture that offers more than one function is like hitting the jackpot when decorating a small studio apartment. The right dresser or console can serve as clothes storage and a TV stand, while area rugs warm up your floors and distinguish separate areas.

You also have ample options for a sleeping space. Rather than hiding the bedroom, incorporate it into the layout with a chic sleeper sofa or futon. Simply pull out the mattress at bedtime and hide it away in the morning. If you do have the room for a bed, select a model with built-in drawers so you can make the most of under-bed space and discretely stow valuables.

Bookcases Converve Space and Make Great Accent Shelving

Bookcases Converve Space and Make Great Accent Shelving

Modern Living Room Decor Featuring Blue and Purple Decor & Accents

Modern Living Room Decor Featuring Blue and Purple Decor & Accents

Final Considerations

Once you have the perfect furniture for a small apartment, there are a few other points to take into account:

  1. Use vertical space effectively. Tall shelving with a modest footprint is an ideal way to optimize every inch of the room. They can work as attractive and functional dividers as well.
  2. It’s important to keep surfaces neat and tidy. Make sure everything has a place as you’re decorating a small studio apartment to avoid clutter.
  3. Seize any opportunity to add some personality. Wall decor and area rugs are a lovely way to decorate a small studio apartment while keeping tables and counters clear.
  4. Mirrors help to brighten things up by reflecting light and creating a spacious feel.
  5. Pick furniture styles carefully. Modern pieces with clean, minimal designs tend to take up less room. Desks, chairs, and cabinets with long legs also open up some extra space, making your whole apartment seem larger.
  6. There may be a limit on room for furniture in small apartments, but when you select carefully less can definitely be more. Choose items that you love, because every single element counts.

Hopefully these studio apartment ideas inspire you to make the most out of the limited space in your home. Just search for space-saving furniture with multiple uses, break your place into different zones, and engage your creativity. When considering how to furnish a small studio apartment, using your imagination and sticking to pieces you love will steer you in the right direction.