Modern Bedroom Ideas

What Is Modern Bedroom Design?

Sleek lines and efficient design are the hallmarks of modern decor. They’re also the reason why many people who love this contemporary style struggle to incorporate it into their bedrooms. How can you get a crisp, clean look in a space packed with fluffy comforters and mounds of pillows?

Modern furniture makes a more natural fit for the bedroom than you might think. This aesthetic is all about cutting clutter and focusing on the essentials, so its simple shapes and open, airy designs create a peaceful mood that encourages your eyes and your mind to relax.

Ready to go contemporary in your master suite or guest room? Read on for a few modern bedroom decorating ideas.

Foundational Furniture

Modern bedrooms celebrate the beauty of useful objects, so furniture staples are a great place to start. Along with providing a practical function, a bed frame, nightstand, chests and dresser balance the softness of your bedding with some straight edges and corners.

Low-profile platform beds instantly read as modern, but you can get a similar feel with panel, poster, or even canopy beds. The trick is to make sure you choose styles that forgo flourishes in favor of smooth, geometric lines.

To carry the same look through the entire room, modern bedroom sets can be a smart buy. Sets are especially helpful for modern bedrooms, which need to project a unified and polished appearance. Furniture in coordinating shapes and colors anchors the whole space for a design that’s put-together and easy on the eye.

Merriwood Hills White 9 Pc King Wall Bedroom
Merriwood Hills White 9 Pc King Wall Bedroom

Filling out the Room

After you pick a modern bedroom set as a starting point, integrating accent furniture or storage tailors the area to your needs. Bookshelves are a practical idea for modern bedroom design, allowing you to organize novels, movies, and accessories.

A reading nook with a statement chair and ottoman also puts your modern influences on display. Give your room a vintage, mid-century vibe with a linen-upholstered seat on a bentwood frame. For an industrial take on this style, try a leather armchair with metal legs.

Select an open design or floating shelves for a contemporary feel.
Select an open design or floating shelves for a contemporary feel.

Light It Right

Lighting is the place to let your modern bedroom design ideas shine. Statement lighting in interesting, architectural shapes is one of the easiest ways to update a room, instantly giving your space contemporary character as well as much-needed illumination.

Hang a sculptural pendant light or chandelier over the bed as a stunning focal point. On the other hand, budget-friendly table lamps crafted from modern materials like metal, marble, or glass are stylish and useful for late night reading. Small bedrooms might benefit from wall sconces that free up room on your bedside tables.

Deck the Walls

Clean and simple, contemporary bedrooms can typically handle statement-making wall decor. For example, consider a large-scale black and white photo, abstract metal artwork, or vibrant painting. Place one over the bed as a creative alternative to a headboard, or hang a mini gallery on the opposite wall to drift off to sleep while enjoying your favorite artwork.

Mirrors and modern bedrooms are a match made in heaven. Both stylish and useful, a mirror can help you get ready in the morning, brighten up your space, and contribute to the sleek aesthetic of the room. A frameless piece works an accent that seems to blend into the walls, while options with bold frames or unusual shapes double as modern art.

Warm It Up

Minimal furniture can still be welcoming and cozy. To introduce a little softness into your decor, dress up modern bedroom sets with trendy linens. You can play up texture with a ruffled comforter, let color do the talking with a duvet in a daring hue, or experiment with a variety of patterned pillows.

Wood floors are a big trend in contemporary homes, so a large, fluffy rug makes a welcome addition to most modern bedrooms. Create warmth and comfort underfoot with shaggy sheepskin rugs in pure white, or lend visual interest to the center of the room with a geometric print piece in primary colors.

Use a fluffy rug to warm up your bedroom space.
Use a fluffy rug to warm up your bedroom space.

Choosing Colors

The straightforward design of modern bedrooms pairs perfectly with neutral color schemes. Soothing shades of white, gray, brown, and beige with punches of dramatic black for contrast are a staple of this style for good reason.

Still, neutrals are only one option for modern bedroom design ideas. No-frills furniture gives you free rein to add complexity to your decor through other means, like color and texture. Here are several options for contemporary palettes that go beyond the basics.

Luxe Metallics

Whether gold or chrome, there’s just something contemporary about metal. For a look that’s both current and decadent, integrate a couple of pieces with metallic finishes into your space. A silver mirrored vanity set makes a glamorous spot to apply cosmetics, while copper wire baskets provide chic storage you’ll want to show off.

Vintage Hues

Teal, olive, and rust can be modern, too. Put a mid-century twist on your modern bedroom with a sky-blue bench to achieve a kitschy 1950s vibe. Go for 1960s sophistication with a muted, wasabi-green area rug.

Teal, olive, and rust can be modern, too.
Teal, olive, and rust can be modern, too.

Jewel Tones

Pops of saturated color add some intrigue to modern bedrooms. Emerald, amethyst, sapphire, and ruby are so intense and concentrated that a few accent pieces may be all you need to supplement a neutral palette. For example, a colorful patterned rug brings depth and richness to light wood floors and white walls.