Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas

10 Ways to Refresh Your Modern Living Room

As fashion trends evolve, the design of your contemporary living room may start to feel a little stale. If you are wondering how to decorate your living room and breathe new life into your look, adding a few modern items to your layout may be the way to go. Keep reading to learn how combining these two styles can create an updated living room design.

Features of Modern and Contemporary Design

Modern design is a more back-to-basics approach. Clean lines and natural elements like wood or stone are the defining traits of a simple modern living room. Modern color schemes include a mix of bold hues and subtle earth tones that promote a calming environment. This style often features supple leather and velvet textures, too.

Unlike modern decor, contemporary layouts typically have a more complex, futuristic vibe. Contemporary furniture typically includes curvy shapes and sleek geometric outlines. Also, glass, steel and chrome finishes are often part of contemporary living room designs. A palette of neutral black, white and gray shades makes this style easy to integrate with other decor.

Opposites Attract

Despite their differences, combining contemporary and modern designs can create a cohesive eclectic approach for your living room. The minimalist lines of these two styles make them a perfect complement to one another. On the flip side, incorporating a bold modern color scheme with a neutral furniture layout forms a striking contrast and makes contemporary pieces pop.

Using a few modern decorating techniques in a contemporary living room can rejuvenate your space. However, you’ll need to be cautious and select furnishings and accents carefully to avoid a potentially haphazard or mismatched design. Check out the following tips to learn more about blending these styles together to make something truly unique.

Tip 1: Modern-Contemporary Color Schemes

Contemporary layouts tend to feature subtle hues and neutral tones rather than the bolder hues of modern-designed living rooms . Introducing home decor in vivid primary colors or jewel tones lets you shake things up and bring more visual interest to your space.

Consider adding one or two coordinating accent colors to your palette to build on your overall theme. Alternatively, you can try varying shades of a single hue throughout your design to enhance and expand your current color scheme while maintaining a cohesive motif.

Tip 2: Choose Your Materials

Incorporating different materials into your family room layout is another smart contemporary living room decorating idea. Search for coffee and end tables with granite tops to bring a natural touch to your layout. Or, consider choosing a TV wall unit with an oak or maple finish to balance organic elements with metal accents like a chrome side table.

Tip 3: Add Artistic Flair

Update your contemporary living room design by bringing new artwork and wall decor into your space. Modern wall art with abstract swirls, gorgeous cityscapes or striking stylized portraits makes a statement while transforming walls into gallery-worthy displays.

Tip 4: Soften Modern Spaces

Boost your modern living room design with soft, comfortable decor elements. Rejuvenate a contemporary sofa set with plush decorative pillows, or drape your favorite recliner in a velvety throw for an extra cozy touch. Or, go a bit bigger with a chenille pouf or a pair of textured accent chairs.

Tip 5: Create Texture Combinations

Add depth to your contemporary living room’s aesthetic by playing with opposing textures. Arranging a fluffy shag rug beneath a glass coffee table instantly makes your layout more inviting. Placing a tufted velvet ottoman in front of a sleek mid-century modern leather couch is another cozy, attractive pairing that has a similar effect.

Tip 6: Light Up the Room

Whether you are designing a contemporary or modern-style living room, light fixtures are often an afterthought. However, the right lighting can completely transform your space. Establish sleek, streamlined illumination for your layout with desk and floor lamps featuring wood, silver or brass bases. For more dramatic flair, try a retro chandelier in a glimmering gold finish.

Tip 7: Show Your Floors Some Love

Sometimes all it takes is a stylish rug to spruce up your space. From bold color block patterns and simple stripe motifs to vibrant wave and geometric designs, modern living room rugs are the perfect accent for a contemporary living room. Just make sure to choose one that coordinates with the room’s color scheme.

Tip 8: Pick Functional and Stylish Accents

Practical modern accents offer a little more oomph to your contemporary living room. Stylish upholstered benches supply extra seating while also introducing new colors and textures to the decor. In addition to providing more storage and display space, sleek wood consoles and side cabinets give an earthy touch to the room.

Tip 9: Refresh Your Furniture

If wall art, throw pillows and other small changes fall short of the look you want, give your contemporary layout a fresh start with modern living room furniture. Sofa and sectional sets with customizable seating, comfy chaises and power-reclining features let contemporary accents and decor take center stage.

Tip 10: Let Your Life Inspire Your Layout

When picking out decor and coming up with modern furniture designs for living rooms, the purpose of the space should guide your choices. For example, if you dream of hosting elegant evening soirees, a spacious marble top cocktail table to hold drinks and appetizers is ideal. However, if you plan on using your family room for game nights with your loved ones, a simple round wooden table might be a better fit.

Tying It All Together

Take an eclectic approach to decorating when you need to restyle a contemporary family room. Revamp the space with a few simple tweaks, or start from scratch with a completely different furniture collection. Either way, working a few modern living room design ideas into your contemporary layout is a great way to refresh your family room’s aesthetic.