Baluch Lion & Peacock Rugs


Lion and Peacock Rug

Lion and Peacock Rug

This is a very pretty Lion and Peacock Rug with great wool most likely woven by Baluch weavers in Afghanistan. There is debate in Oriental rug studies over whether the peacock has totemic significance to the Baluch people.

Northwest Afghanistan. 20th century.

Size: 2 foot 11 inch by 4 foot 3 inch.

Structure: Asymmetrical knot open to the left. 8 knots per horizontal inch and 11 knots per vertical inch. 88 per square inch (1364 per square decimeter)

Yarn Spin: Z.

Warp: 2 ply tan wool.

Weft: 2 shot brown wool.

Pile: 2 wool singles.

Ends: 2 inch weft replacement and half-hitch knots with 1 inch warp fringe.

Selvages: 2 cord double-looped black wool, Cicaktu style

Handle: Soft, pliable, light.

Further Notes: Excellent condition.