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If we attribute the Type A Borchally rugs to Borchalo, Borchaly, Borcialu, Borchalo, Bor`calo

Borchalo is an Azeri Turk city in the Republic of Georgia. It is now called Marneuli and was formally called Borchalo or Bor`calo until 1947. GEORGIA : urban population

Borchalo had a large Armenian population until the Armenia/Georgian war of 1918. Still has significant Armenian and Azeri population. The Bordchalu are a Hamadan area tribe. At some point there was a split and paret of the tribe ended up in the Kazak area of what is now the Republic og Georgia.

In about 1179 a young man who would grow up to be Cinggis Qahan (Ghengis Khan) was aided by the son of the Chieftain of the Arulat clan. The young man was Bo’orcu. He became one of Cinggis Qahan’s Dorben Kulu’ud (Great Warriors). In the Yuan ch’ao pi-shih, quatrain 205, it is recorded that later in life Cinggis Qahan said “Let Bo’orcu govern the ten thousand of the right hand which take the Altai as pillow.” In other words the Qahan gave a proto-tribal unit to a key general. I am certainly no linguist but I translate Borchalu as Bo’orcu Lu or the people of Bo’orcu. The Lu of Bo’orculu as coming from the same root as the Mongol term Ulus which means the land, animals, and people, that a that an IL or tribal group controls. These people became known as the Bo’orculu or people of Bo’orcu. Over the years Bo’orculu becomes Borchalu. So if Ford is correct and I believe he is that the Borchalu are Mongol than they must be descended from the Horde of Bo’orcu.

A Bolnisi Bordjalou Kazak rug, circa 1870

A Bordjalou Kazak rug, Southwest Caucasus, circa 1870, oxidized browns, minor losses to end guard stripes, foldwear, approximately 6 ft. 6 in. by 5 ft. 7 in. (1.98 by 1.70 m.)

Bordjalou Kazak rug

In the white cartouch there is a possible date of 1323 which if it were AH would translates to 1903. However Nagels feels that is too late to be the date this rug was made.

Type A

More Kazak Bordjalou Rugs

The Hort 1870 Borchalou Kazak Rug

This Borchalou Kazak was woven about 1870 in the Caucasus and is in very good condition.

an attractive Bordjalu Kazak (lot 89; 1), with a narrow rectangular panel placed over the familiar bold hooked design. The piece was distinguished by somewhat more variety in the field than is customary, with hooked medallions and eight-pointed stars appearing within the central panel, and by a well-executed border.