Chobanker Bordchalu Rugs

Bordchalu Rugs & Carpets from Chobanker Marneuli Area

There is a high probability that they are from the Marneuli province (Central  Bordjalu region) of the old Bordjalu Khanate.

Mayy may be from Chobanker or Karayazay but at this point I see them as Central  Bordjalu region.

Map of Kazak area
map of kazak area

Chobanker Type Examples:

Kazak Borchalo Prayer Rug,

Circa: 1880.

Dimensions: squarish format as in many Kazak rugs 107 cm x 118 cm

Pile: soft wool, symmetrical knot

Warps: ivory wool, Z2S

Wefts: red wool, Z2S, 2 shoots

Selvages: not original

Colors: madder red, corroded dark brown, light yellow-brown, ivory, blue-green, dark indigo blue.

The example presented here has on a usual red ground a re-entrant mihrab containing an endless knot motif. The mihrab takes up “most of the field”

Following Ralph Kaffel this is typical of West Caucasian prayer rugs profoundly influenced by Anatolian examples in contrast to Eastern Caucasian rugs where the prayer arch is “free floating”. This rug has the most common design of two green (sometimes blue) central diamonds arranged vertically each containing a small hexagon of which the decoration is reminiscent of older arranged “4 C” motifs .

Each diamond has a common white stripped edging and one cross at each pole. They are flanked by two typical hexagons with a cross design inside.

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