Karayazy Bordjalu Rugs

Karayazy / Gardabani Bordjalu Rugs & Carpets

Karayazy became Gardabani in 1947. Plate 53 in Wright, Richard. Wertime, John. Caucasian Carpets and Covers shows a Bordjalo Kazak with some characteristics of Akstafa rugs.

Gardabani region map

The historical fate of Georgia was significantly determined by its geographical location. Georgia has been invaded by many countries, which caused many hardships to the country, but relations to vary civilizations and their cultures helped Georgia to develop such cultural and life models in which religious and cultural tolerance among different populations had a leading place. One of the many examples would be Borchalo rugs, which have been created by the Azeri population of Georgia, who settled in Georgia in the XVI century. In these items one can see both their ancient homeland’s atmosphere and stylistic features of centuries-old Georgian culture.

Karayazy Bordjalou Kazak rug

The secondary field medalions in this are related to tertiary field medalion in a rug from Karayazi Georgia in the Bordjalu region

1913 Bordjalu Kazak Rug

Tbilisi 380005, Georgia

Bordjalu Prayer Rug

Gardabani Bordjalu Kazak Rug

Gardabani Kazak

A Bordjalou Kazak rug, Southwest Caucasus, late 19th century oxidized browns, original kilim ends, foldwear, minor repiling in browns, approximately 7ft. 7in. by 4ft. 10in.

Bordjalu Kazak Tschebull’s

Gardabani Azeri Kazak Rug

Reciprocal borders point to Bordjalu.

The six sided medallions are related to Gardabani district of Southeast Georgia.

The “head and shoulders” of the mihrab as well as the outline of the “keyhole” are an Azeri minor (N-Z) border seen most commonly in Marasali and Talish area rugs.

Gardabani Kazak Rug

A Kazak rug, Southwest Caucasus last quarter 19th century approximately 6 ft. 4 in. by 4 ft. 3 in.

“star-in-cruciform” Kazak Rug

Kazak Rug, Southwest Caucasus, late 19th/early 20th century, three “star-in-cruciform” medallions surrounded by elongated hexagons in midnight blue, ivory, gold, and blue-green on the dark red field, five narrow borders of similar coloration, (small rewoven areas), 9 ft. by 6 ft.

Bordjalou dbl. diamond Kazak Prayer Rug

Bordjalou Kazak Prayer Rug, Southwest Caucasus, second half 19th century, two diamond medallions, re-entry motif and other geometric motifs in navy blue, ivory, gold, and blue-green on the red field, multicolored serrated leaf border, (areas of repiling, rewoven ends), 4 ft. 8 in. by 3 ft. 9 in.

The Franz Bausback 4 Horse Gardabani Kazak rug