Karabagh Chondoresk Style Rugs

These rugs were woven by Armenian weavers in the Duchy of Khachen in the town of Khondzoresk. The old dealers felt that Kazak rugs brought better prices than Karabagh rugs so in the trade these became known as Cloudband Kazak rugs.

Khondzoresk was once one of the estates belonging to Dadivank Monastery in Mardagert province, Karabagh. Boxdorfer See also Khndzorek. Alternate spellings include Chondoresk.


Antique Cloud Band Kazak Rug, circa 1880-1890

Here is one of the most collectable Caucasian weavings available in the world today. This is an ultra-rare Cloud Band Kazak made with top quality vegetable dyes and famous high altitude Kazak wool. These rugs are now extremely rare to find in excellent condition like this one. The only pile to show any wear is the few places where a corrosive black was used. This small use of a dye that soon showed itself to be inferior is good evidence this rug dates to the first few years after its introduction meaning this rug probably dates to the early 1880s. This rug is heaven to walk on and what an aesthetic statement it makes. Put it anywhere in any house and this rug is going to be noticed!

Chondoresk Rug, circa 1880

Country of Origin: Caucasus/Karabagh

Size: 7 ft. 11 in. x 4 ft. 6 in.