Lampa Karabakh Karabagh Rugs


Karabagh with Parrots and Peacocks

Karabagh with Parrots and Peacocks

Warp: wool, 3 stands, Z-spun, S-plied, ivory and some brown.

Weft: wool, red, 2 shoots.

Pile: wool.

Knot: symetrical V7-8, H 7-8, 49-64/square inch.

Edges: 3 cord double selvage of 2 warps each, orange, light bluish red, red and green wool.

Ends: Incomplete.

Color: The Treasure of The Caucasus speculates that the bluish red that is prominient in he medalions is Cochineal.

Size: 129.5cm(W) x 279.4cm(L) / 4’3″(W) x 9’2″(L)

Region: West Asia, Caucasus, Central Caucasus, Karabagh

Period / Date: 1850 – 1875

Condition: Excellent