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Kuba Perepedil Herat

Kuba Perepedil Herat

Date: beginning 20th century.

Dimension: 153cm X 208cm

Knots: symmetric, the pile is cut short and is smooth and velvety

Density: Hor 48/10cm vert: 56/10cm 2688/dm²

Colors: natural, light & dark blue, rust brown and medium brown, yellow, black, pink, white, red, several shade of light and medium green

Warps: white wool Z2S, hard depression

Wefts: very thin white wool Z2S between each row of knot, white cotton

Selvedges: one cord of two warps overcast with white cotton

Ends: kilim on 1 cm + braiding of the fringes on 8mm

This type of Perepedil rugs reveals strong Persian influence. They are finely woven with a ribbed back and they use the Herati design in delicate light shade as an all over pattern on a usually dark blue ground (sometimes rust red). The main border use a white Herati motif on a usually rust-red ground (sometimes dark blue or black) which alternate with leaves and palmettes and white stylized head flower in the four corners. The minor borders with small floral stylized motifs on a yellow ground are also characteristic.

Perepedil Related Kuba Rug

Perepedil Related Kuba Rug

Northeast Caucasus about 1900-20. 5ft.2in. x 3ft.8in. 1. 58m. x 1.12m. Low overall. Related in design to the Perepedil group.

Antique Perepedil Kuba Rug

Antique Perepedil Kuba Rug

4 foot 2 inch by 6 foot 8 inch.

Caucasus, Late 19th.

The central blossoms on this are well drawn. This is a very collectable Antique Perepedil Rug. It is a beautiful Antique Rug that can be used on the floor of a better home.

Structure: Symmetrical. 10 knots per horizontal inch and 11 knots per vertical inch. 100 per square inch (1705 per square decimeter). Slightly depressed.

Yarn Spin: Z

Warp: 2 ply brown and white wool

Weft: 2 shot 2 ply brown and white wool

Pile: 2 Wool singles

Ends: 1/2 inch balanced plainweave shirt with warp fringe

Selvages: 1 cord white wool

Further Notes: This rug is in good to very good condition. There are little areas of damage from being hung for years. The rug is basically unwalked upon but there are a few low spots possibly from moths.

Perepedil Rug Kuba region, north east Caucasus about 1920

Perepedil rug Kuba region, north east Caucasus about 1920

6ft.3in. x 4ft.1in. 1.91m. x 1.25m. Chemically ‘washed,’ one stain.

Perpedil or Pirebedil Rug

Perpedil or Pirebedil Rug

This is a classic Vurma style Perpedil rug. Perpedil, or Perepedil rugs come from the village of Pirebedil in the former Kuba Khanate in Northeast Azerbaijan. Note the ribs in the back running from side to side. This is typical of Kuba rugs and in particular Lezghi rugs.

Antique Kuba Perpedil Kazak Rug

Antique Kuba Perpedil Kazak Rug

Here is a 19th century Kuba Perpedil type measuring 47 X 59 inches. This weaving has a Kufic border and probably dates to the end of the 19th century. The elaborate woven end finishes are present on both ends. The selvage’s are original.

The dyes are vegetable with one or two synthetics used in small amounts. The so-called rams horns design has long been a favorite with collectors and this example is extremely finely woven at a knot density of 160 KPSI.

There is a strong abrash on one end that seems to be more of a complete change in the weavers mind than any change in the color of different wool lots. There is a small bunching of a small fold, and there is a loss of some dozen knots from this area. This is a great rug for a special present or the first rug in a budding rug collection.