Persian Miniature Art: Deer and Bird Lacquer Book Covers

Deer and Bird Lacquer Book Covers
A pair of lacquer book covers decorated in colours, gold and mother of pearl with scenes of deer and birds in sylvan settings, Persia, Safavid, late 16th century lacquer covers with gouache, sprinkled gold and crushed mother of pearl, the sylvan scenes set on black backgrounds surrounded by borders of cloud bands in reserve on gold grounds, later plain black doublures with gold edges
27.7 by 16.7 cm.
These two book covers are superb examples of 16th century Persian lacquer work. They date from a period from which very few examples survive and clearly demonstrate the techniques which lacquer-painters used to enhance and heighten their works, employing gold to outline the animals, birds and plants, and gold flakes and crushed mother-of-pearl to create a glittering effect. It is a most effective combination of eye-catching features and creates a visually stunning result. The covers are also in remarkably good condition.