Persian Miniature Painting: Painter D as Abdol-Aziz

Painter D as Abdol-Aziz?
At this point I am merely going to compare data and hope to gain clues.
Painter D as Abdol-Aziz
Detail “A City Dweller Desecrates a Garden” from the Haft Awrang of Jami
Painter D as Abdol-Aziz
Detail “A Prince entertained” attributed to Abdol-Aziz

It has been suggested that Stuart Cary Welch’s Painter D is the Persian Artist Abdol-Aziz3. The problem with the question of Abdol-Aziz is that I can find very little attributed to him outside those pieces in the Painter D group. In Art of the Persian Court Abolala Soudavar attributed 3 miniatures from a Bustam of Sa’di to Abdol-Aziz. I went looking for tree scars in those three and this is what I found.