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On the nothwest slope of Mount Sabalan is the towm of Ahar. They produce a distinctive rug that is clearly in the Heriz roup of rugs but with a more curvelinear design than the rest of Heriz types. Knot counts tend to be towards the higher end of what we see in the Heriz group but no higher than many rugs that have the geometric design.

Ahar Carpet,

Northwest Persia about 1940,

13ft.1in. x 10ft.1in. 3. 99m. x 3.07m.

Ahar Rug Late 20th Century

Country of Origin: Persia/Iran

JBOC Comments: This rug is being sold as a Heriz but to be more specific this is an Ahar Rug from the Heriz Region. Note the curvilinear execution of a Heriz design,

Catalogue Description:12’1×9’11 Heriz Persian Rugs Carpets 3312

Item Specifics – Rugs
Age: 1970-1999 Background Color: Reds
Shape: Rectangle Material: Wool
Size: 9′ x 12′ Condition: —
Style: Persian

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