Are finely knotted rugs better than others?


Are finely knotted rugs better?


No. There is an appropriate range of knot densities for each type of rug. For instance, Heriz carpets range from 30 to 110 KPSI (Knots per square inch). If someone wove a 300 KPSI Heriz carpet, it would look odd and differ too much to be true to type. Still, in the normal course of things, it is better to be in the upper end of the normal range. 300 KPSI is a very respectable Sarouk but not much for an Isfahan. Time plays a factor in this. A 1930s Isfahan at 400 KPSI is respectable, but in a new rug, it would be unremarkable. The fineness of the weave is only one of many factors. Perhaps a better question might be, “Is the rug beautiful?”

Heriz Carpets are among the most popular carpets today in America and are used in a wide range of settings from casual to formal. Heriz warps and wefts tend to be among the heaviest used today in Iran.

Among the finest rugs in Iran today are the Rugs of Isfahan. It is not unusual to see Isfahan Rugs range from 576 (24 by 24) to 676 (264 by 26) knots per square inch, and some workshops have reached 900 to 1000 knots per square inch.