Isfahan Prayer Rugs


Very Fine Isfahan Prayer Rug

Very Fine Isfahan Prayer Rug

The knot count is very fine, but do not judge it by knot count alone. It is silk and wool on silk, but it is more than that. This rug is a work of art. It deals with birds and trees. This rug dates to Circa 1970. All the dyes look good. It is a handmade pile weaving from Iran. It is in excellent condition.

Size: 3 foot 6 inch by 5 foot 3 inch.

Structure: Asymmetrical knot open to the left. 23 knots per horizontal inch and 23 knots per vertical inch. 529 per square inch (8200 per square decimeter)

Color: Ivory, burgundy, navy blue, blue topaz, hunter green, gray-green, chartreuse, lime green, umber, sienna, goldenrod, light gray.

Yarn Spin: Z.

Warp: 3 ply ivory silk.

Weft: 2 shots ivory silk.

Pile: Silk, wool.

Ends: Overhand knots with 3 inch warp fringe.

Selvages: 1 cord overcastting burgundy silk, wool.

Handle: Medium, dense, durable, pliable.

Further Notes: Excellent condition