Kabutar Ahangh Rugs

Guide To Kabutar Ahangh Rugs & Carpets

Kabutar Ahangh is Northeast of Hamadan The Kabutar Ahangh rug is structurally in the Hamadan Rug Group but it is unusual in that it produces larger sizes that we usually see ftom the Hamadan area. The example to the left is typical of the mid 20th century rugs. They often have small medallions with detached floral sprays. I suspect that this related to the American Sarouk craze of the mid 20th century.

Also spelled: Kabutar Ahangh, Kabud Rahang, Kabutarhang

Kabutar Ahangh Rugs use the Hamadan Rug Weave:
Hamadan rug weave
Single weft is called “Sennah Baft” or Hamadan weave. Here the wefts are rigid and the warps are sinuous. As you can see in the sketch the wefts are heavier than the warps. It is woven with symmetrical knots. Since there is only one shot of weft between each row of knots this shows every other warp which makes these rugs easy to spot.


Hamadan Kabutarhang Persian Carpet W&W
Hamadan Kabutarhang Persian Carpet
Kabutarhang Persian carpet, Hamadan region, north west Persia about 1930-40