Habibian Rugs & Carpets of Nain

Habibian is the most famous name in Nain workshop rugs today. 

Fatollah Habibian is considered by many to be the father of Nain carpet. He was the son of a owner of an aba workshop in Nain who wove his first rug in 1903. An Aba is a woolen outer garment that was usually stripped. When the Aba market collapsed Fatollah Habibian sold the carpet he had made years before for a reputed 100 Tomans, a huge sum in those day translating to about 13 pounds of silver. Fatollah with his brother Mohammad Habibian made Habibian Brothers into one of the greatest Persian workshops. Mohammad Habibian died in 1986 and Fatollah died in 1994.

Habibian Naeen carpet Co. is run by Fatollah’s grandson by his daughter, Mahmoud Reza Habibi Naeini.


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