Tudeshki Nain Rugs

Examples of Tudeshki Nain Rugs & Carpets

As far as Toodesh (or Tudesh, or even Tudeshk) goes, these are, as already pointed out, Nain carpets of notably exceptional quality. They are regarded by some as among the earliest of Nain production – which means from 1917-1928 (the *very* earliest period, examples of which are rare to the point of non-existence) or, much more likely, from the period from 1928 – 1939, after the establishment of a second art school in Nain in 1928. This is generally considered the great period of Nain production, when ustads (carpet masters) like Habibian and others first began, and created their best work.

Shirin Souresrafil in his Persian-published book ‘Na’in Carpet’ (Farhangan Publications, Tehran 1997) says that the rugs of Tudesh have been among the most outstanding products of the Nain villages from the start of carpet making in the town.

Unique Tudeshki carpet embodying the greatest knotting skill. These pieces are becoming increasingly rare, even in Iran. Production of these carpets has of late shifted to weavers from the Naïn area, however, these later productions do not display the elegance of the original Tudeshki weavers.

Fine Tudeshk Carpet