Persian Prayer Rugs

Examples of Prayer Rugs of Iran

Prayer Rugs have been made for a long time in Iran. This Salting type prayer rug dates to the latter part of the reign of Shah Tahmasp circa 1565.

salting prayer rug

Still Persian prayer rugs are less common than we see with their Sunni neighbors. Turkish prayer rugs are rather common as they are in the Caucasus and with the Baluch in Afghanistan.

The Wolrd’s Largest Prayer Carpet
carpet of wonder
Certainly the largest if not the greatest prayer rug of all time is the The Carpet of Wonder at an amazing 4343 square meters. This rug was woven by our dear friends at Iran Carpet Co. Read more about this carpet.

Kashan Prayer Rugs
kashan prayer rugs
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Tabriz Prayer Rugs

Tabriz has a long tradition of formal prayer rugs usually with pillars. Many of them are attributed to the great weaving master Hajji Jalili.
tabriz prayer rug
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Qum Prayer Rugs

Qum is a fairly recent weaving center. Major production of rugs only started up in the early 20th century.

qum prayer rugs

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Baluch Prayer Rugs
Baluch prayer
One of the most prolific weavers of prayer rugs are the Baluchi and their neighbors.

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Meshkin Prayer Rugs

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Qashqai Prayer Rugs
qashqai prayer rug
The Qashqai are not prolific weavers of prayer rugs but they did make interesting rugs inspired by the Mughal Millefluers prayer rugs.

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