Serab Rugs

Serab, or Sarab,  has lent its name to a group of camel ground runners generally attributed to the town of Serab itself up into the beginning of the 20th century.

Rug Structure
Turkish Knot, Pulled Right, Depressed Warps
Turkish Knot, Pulled Right, Depressed Warps
Structure: Depressed symmetrical knot pulled right. Knot counts can range from 25 to 100.


Serab Runner, 2nd Half 19th C.
Serab Runner 2st half 19th c.

Description: Sarab runner

Origin: North West Persia, Azerbaidjan, 2nd half 19th century

Size: ca. 416 x 104 cm.

Sarab Carpet, Last Quarter 19th C.
Sarab Carpet last quarter 19th C.
Origin: Northwest Persia, last quarter 19th century

Size: approximately 11ft. 1in. by 5ft. 2in. (3.38 by 1.57m.)

Serab Persian Rug, c.1910
Serab Persian Rug C. 1910
Origin: Northwest Persia, circa 1910

Size: approximately 5ft. 9in. by 3ft. 2in. (1.75m by 0.97m.)

Condition: Partially oxidized browns.

Serab Runner, c.1900
Serab Runner C. 1900
Origin: Northwest Persia, circa 1900

Size: approximately 11ft. by 3ft. 7in. (3.35 by 1.09m.)

Condition: Oxidized charcoals, partial end guard stripes, overcast sides.