Kelim Shahsevan Rugs


Shahsavan Kilim, late 19th century

Origin: North West Persia, Azerbaidschan, late 19th century

Size: 437 cm x 190 cm

Notes: The rug has a dense, precisely woven traditional stripe design with beautiful colours and a small trefoil border.

Condition: There are minimal traces of wear. Embroidered motifs are partly worn and sides are newly wrapped.

Unusual Shahsavan Kilim, late 19th century

Size: 213.4 cm x 304.8 cm

Region: West Asia, Caucasus, South Caucasus, Shahsavan

Period: Late 19th century (1875)

Condition: There are a few very small reweaves. Both ends retain their original braided warp fringe. There is a minor break in this braid in the center of the lower end.

Description: This is a large, single-panel kilim. The striking palette features horizontal rows of deeply indented hexagons in light green, pale blue, and deep red. The serrated edges of these shapes excite the eye and render the overall piece with a sense of dynamic movement. A well-drawn saw tooth meander in the ivory border offers a satisfying contrapuntal component. This rug contains features found in Anatolian Karapinar kilims, but the wool and palette suggest otherwise.

Shahsavan kilim, Northwest Persia, circa 1900

Shahsavan kilim, Northwestern Persia, circa 1900.

Very slight traces of usage.

Size: 284 cm x 83 cm

Shahsavan Kilim, circa 1900

Description: Shahsavan Kilim, circa 1900

Origin: Northwest Persia, Mianeh Region, Iran

Size: 320 cm x 167 cm

Notes: In almost mint condition.  

Zarand Shahsavan Kilim, circa 1900

Description: Shahsavan Kilim, Northwest Persia, Zarand Region

Size: 377 cm x 158 cm

Shahsavan kilim, late 19th century

Unusual Shahsavan kilim, Northwestern Persia, late 19th century

Size 335 x 135 cm

Description: The rug is in good condition. There are some small replied areas.