Turkish Kilims

Guide to Turkish Kilim Rugs & Carpets


Afyon Anatiolian Kilim, 18th century

Origin: West Anatolia

Size: 436 x 164 cm

Condition: Typically woven in one piece, this impressive kilim shows the so-called Baklava-pattern. Made in the region between Afyon and Kutahya, strong patina, mellow colours. Walnut brown is strongly corroded. There are some small holes. Mounted on canvas.

Erzerum Prayer Kilim, 19th century

Origin: Northeast Anatolia, mid-19th century

Size: 161 x 135 cm

Condition: Coarsely woven. The design with three trees is a rare feature. Re-woven in several areas; corners restored.

Cappadocia Kappadokia Kilim, 18th century

Origin: Eastern Central Anatolia, Kappadokia, 18th century

Size: 343 x 141 cm

Condition: Expertly mounted on linen. Woven in two parts with very unusual, delicate colour combinations. Holes are present, small parts are missing, and there is corrosion in some areas.

Cappodocia Kappadocian Kilim, 18th century or earlier

Central Anatolia, 18th century or earlier

Size: 361 x 136 cm

Condition: Very fine texture and great colors. Expertly washed, conserved, and mounted on red canvas.

East Anatolian Cicim, 19th century

A Fine East Anatolian Cicim Flatweave, 19th century

Size: 435 x 167 cm

Description: The strips are blue, dark blue, white and red. Mostly wool fabric with small cotton portions and metal threads. Small age damage and minimum repairs. Very good condition.

Ezurum Prayer Kilim, dated 1868

Origin: Northeast Anatolia, dated 1868

Size: 150 x 121 cm

Condition: A fine and meticulously made kilim with some areas woven in silk. Lavish use of metal threads. Perfect condition, never used.

Kars/Erzurum Area Kilim, 19th century

East Anatolian Kilem, Kars/Erzurum Area, 19th century

Size: 335 x 135 cm

Description: Woven in two panels.

Parmakli kilim, circa 1880

Parmakli kilim, Western Anatolia, circa 1880, small amount of restoration

Size: 335 x 200 cm

Hotamis kelim, third quarter 19th century

Based on its range of exquisite colors, fine weave, and wonderful wool, this kilim dates to the third quarter of the 19th century.

Hotamis Kelim, circa 1800

Origin: Western Central Anatolia, 1800

Dimensions: 383 x 172 cm

This large, woven kilim comes from Hotamis nomads from the region between Kütahya and Afyon. The mid-field consists of three large panels with a gridded from bars and diamonds. The upper and lower end is adorned with stripes.

Hotamis Kelim

Dimensions: 383 x 172 cm

Mut Kilim, circa 1875

Mut Kilim

Dimensions: 124 in. x 54.5 in.

A 19th century Mut Kilim (circa 1875) from southern Anatolia (south of Karaman towards Mediterranean coast.) This example is very finely woven with thinly spun wool and traditional Mut earth tones. There are contrasting colors of red, red-brown, white and dark blue. The distinctive design includes two rows of vertical hexagonals in field with smaller boxed border hexagonals. This example has very finely rendered, narrow, delicate “saw-tooth motif.” The use of white is sensational and creates great contrast and dramatic design. A unique collector’s piece.

Condition: Overall condition is excellent.

Hotamis Turkmen Konya kelim 19th century
Hotamis Turkmen Konya kelim 19th century
Central Anatolia, middle of the 19th century

Dimensions: approx. 360 x 151 cm

The white groundy kilim with three hexagonal medallions, red hook-shaped contours, was probably created by a tribal group of the Hotamis Turkmen in the area of ​​Konya. Some of the motifs on the central axis have metal-brooched details. The border is divided into rectangular fields. Reduced slightly at both ends. Some posterior sites. Overall good condition.

Manastir Yastik Kilim

Manastir Yastik Kilim

These unusual Yastik size Kilim are made by Balkan Muslims who resettled in the Mihaliccik Turkey area. Yastik are small seat mats. This piece is also unusual in that most Yastik are pile rugs.

Manastir Yastik Kilim, Mihaliccik, Turkey. 19th century, 3 foot 3 inches by 2 foot. (not including fringe).

Structure: Slit tapestry weave.

Yarn Spin: Z.

Warp: very fine 2 ply tan wool.

Weft: Wool ground color.

Ends: Warp fringe.

Selvages: Plain.

Further Notes: Some reweaves and a small patch. some worn areas, should be stabilized. The piece is antique and has seen use.

Monastir Small Kilim from Cocoon of Istanbul

Monastir Small Kilim from Cocoon of Istanbul

Size: 61 x 31 cm