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Ladik rugs consist of a large body of Turkish rugs usually small in size often in a Prayer Rug format and are frequently dated. But where are they from the literature usually suggests that Ladik is another name for Laodicea an ancient city that held one of the seven churches of Asia written of in The Revelation of St John the Divine. The other view is that Ladik is a city or town near Konya. This view is reflected in the catalog descriptions in both Sotheby’s and Christie’s rug catalogued.

Add to this Julia Baily’s classic article “Ladik Prayer Rugs” in Hali, Issue 28, p. 19. (Volume 7 Number 4 Oct/Nov/Dec 1985) where Baily places Ladik near Konya and adds Innice as a near by town that produced many of the Ladik type rugs. It is hard to doubt Julia Baily as she is one of the preeminent rug scholars today in addition to being a genuinely charming lady. However I still cannot find either Innice or Ladik on a map of Turkey anywhere near Konya. The Ladik I can find is 600 hundred miles east by Northeast of Konya by car and is the ancient city of Laodicea. I cannot find Innice at all. I did find Inlice about 30 miles West by Southwest of Konya
For many people the Ladik Prayer rug became the quintessential Turkish Rug.

1792 Ladik Prayer Rug C. 1800 Nagel Lot 26

Title A Ladik Prayer Rug, Central Anatolia, ca. 1800.
Size 171 X 103 cm

Innice Ladik Prayer Rug 18th century

approximately 6ft. by 3ft. 6in. (1.83 by 1.07m.)

18th century oxidized dark browns, ends rewoven into main borders, repiling, reweaves,

The placement of the tulip-filled niche above the mihrab (rather than below) and the use of the yellow ground broken hooked vine, serrated leaf and angular rosette border in this rug denote an early example of Ladik workmanship. It is acknowledged that all of the Ladik rugs with this border were woven in the small village of Innice outside of Ladik, see: Bailey, J., “Ladik Prayer Rugs”, Hali, Issue 28, p. 19. For similar Ladik prayer rugs see: Kirchheim, E. Heinrich, Orient Stars, London, 1993, no. 168, Christie’s London, The Bernheimer Family Collection, February 14, 1996, lot 109 and Ballard Collection of Oriental Rugs (Ex. Cat.), St. Louis, 1924, No. 53.

Turkish Rugs: Innice Ladik Prayer Rug C. 1800


approximately 5ft. 11in. by 4ft. (1.80 by 1.22m.)

oxidized charcoals, lower end guard stripe rewoven, minor reweaves

A Ladik prayer rug, Central Anatolia, mid-19th century, oxidized browns, one partially rewoven end guard border, the other original, small reweave,approximately 5 ft. 5 in. by 3 ft. 5 in. (1.65 by 1.04 m.)

This piece has a strong similarity to a 19th century Ladik Prayer rug at the Skinners Sale December 5, 1998 published in Hali 101 page 72.

Ladik Prayer Rug, Central Anatolia

approximately 5ft. 9in. by 3ft. 9in. (1.75 by 1.14m.)
early 19th century oxidized browns, top end rewoven, rewoven area in mihrab, smaller reweaves, partially reselvaged, lower end with rewoven guard stripe,

1792 Ladik Prayer Rug

1792 Ladik Prayer Rug

This rug dates as 1207 Hijra which converts to 1792 AD.

Ladik Prayer Rug C. 1800

Ladik Prayer Rug C. 1800

Measurements: 175 by 121cm., 5ft. 9in. by 4ft.

Description: circa 1800