Ak öy

Ak öy – Öy – Gara öy

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Turkmen Dictionary Ak öy – Öy – Gara öy
Turkmen Dictionary Ak öy - Öy - Gara öy
Kyrgyz yurt Afghanistan 1975 (c) Ian Alexander 1996-2002
Above we see a Kyrgyz Öy or yurt as we commonly call it. The Öy is the tent like structure. Ak öy – when yurt is brand new. Ak means white so when the yurt is new it is white. Gara öy – when the roof of the yurt is black because of smoke from the ojak

“Yurt” means a country in Turkmen though it probably does have another different meaning in Kazakh and/or Kyrgyz and/or Turkish languages. Ak oy is usually for newly-wed couples and is larger than gara oy. An oy covered in black wool may also be called gara oy (black house). Thanks a lot for your kind words about me at your website. Our project will hopefully succeed. Just tell me what you need to know and I will reply in detail.
Turkmen Dictionary Ak ö
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