Chodor Torba Rugs

Turkmen Chodor Torba Rugs & Carpets


Chodor Torba rare white ground curled leaf design, c.1890

Chodor Torba rare white ground curled leaf design, c.1890

Origin: North Turkestan, circa 1890

Size: 130cm. by 41cm., 4ft. 4in. by 1ft. 4in.

Description: A rare design for a chodor trapping of curled leaves on a white ground.

Chodor Torba Fragment

Chodor Torba Fragment

Size: 42cm(H) x 139cm(W) / 1’5″(H) x 4’7″(W)

Region: Central Asia, Turkmen

Period / Date: Mid-19th century (1834 – 1866)

Materials: Wool, camel, and cotton

Structure / Technique: Pile, asymmetrical open right on depressed warps

Condition: Perfect

Comments On Condition: Pile is good but most of sides and ends are missing. There is a vertical split near one corner.

Full Description: Very good colors for genre. Great scale.

Chodor Torba Fragment top left corner

Chodor Torba Fragment pattern

Chodor Torba Fragment top right corner

Chodor Torba Fragment pattern

Chodor Torba, Mid-19th Century

Chodor Torba, Mid-19th Century

Origin: North Turkestan, mid-19th century

Size: 135 by 46cm., 4ft. 5in by 1ft. 6in.

Description: Note the yellow silk highlights.

Chaudur Turkmen Camel Decoration

Chaudur Turkmen Camel Decoration

Origin: Used in the Wedding Procession (Kejebelik), Turkmenistan, 19th century

Size: 2ft. 2 in. by 5ft. 6 in. (0.66 m. by 1.68 m.)

Warp: Wool, Z2S, natural brown

Weft: Wool, Z2S, 2 shoots, natural camel

Pile: Wool, 2Z, asymmetrical knot open to the right

Density: 8-9 horizontal, 14-15 vertical

Sides: 2 cords overcast in purple wool, each cord a pair of warps

Ends: Camel-colored kilim hemmed and sewn

Colors: Purple, rust red, dark blue, light blue, blue-green, golden yellow, ivory, walnut

Notes: Small repiled area on upper border, minor repiled area on lower edge, minor repairs to selvage.

There is a group of Turkmen weavings with Chaudur design and beautiful rich colors, all old. They are so much better made than the later pieces that they seem almost to have been woven by someone else – which may well be the case. Indeed this piece has no white cotton in the wefts, instead it has very soft, natural brown wool wefts, possibly camel hair.

Chaudur Turkmen Camel Decoration close-up

Chaudur (Chodor) Turkmen Shallow Tent-Bag (Torba)

Chaudur (Chodor) Turkmen Shallow Tent-Bag (Torba)

Origin: Turkmenistan, 19th century

Size: 1 ft. 4 in. by 3 ft. 3 in. (0.41 m. by 0.99 m.)

Notes: Repaired slits, partial sides borders, overcast sides, repaired holes in the top edge.

The Chaudur (Chodor) produced a great quantity of functional and rather badly woven bags and carpets. Occasionally one comes across a piece with that sparkle found in the best weavings of the other tribes. This little piece has good color and is well-made.

Chaudur (Chodor) Turkmen Shallow Tent-Bag (Torba) close-up