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A Tekke Turkmen Tent Door Rug (Ensi).
Turkmenistan 19th century, Foldwear, minor repileing in center. Approximately 4 foot 4 in. by 4 ft. by 11 in. (150 by 132 cm)

This tent entrance carpet of the Tekke is noticeable by its Mahagony basic colour and the main border with filigranen tree forms, which, in related form, supplement but by two small animals, into which seem to fields of the animal tree Asmalyks. The Elem shows the typical, transferred gereihten bloom stars in the lower panel on deer-brown reason, and in the above field of four large trees with serrated sheets and a rhombic Bekrönung. – Upper Kelimabschluss received, down something reduced, sides tapes, some old repairs again.

This is an extremely rare purple group Tekke Ensi.

Tekke Ensi Single Weft Purple Group
Purple Group Tekke Ensi

4 foot by 4 foot 8 inches

Tekke Ensi. Southwest Asia, 4th quarter 19th century. 4 foot by 4 foot 8 inches. (Not including fringe)

Structure: Asymmetrical knot open right. 9 knots per horizontal inch and 15 knots per vertical inch. 135 per square inch (2025 per square decimeter). Not depressed. Three rows of symmetrical knots each side.

Yarn Spin: Z.

Warp: 2 ply wool, ivory.

Weft: 1 shot 2 ply wool, tan.

Selvage: Wrapped in blue.

Pile: 2 Wool singles.

Further Notes: The condition is very good. The top skirt has been folded over and stitched. There are minor repairs but the pile is in very good condition. If one were to use this as a floor piece I would recommend re-wrapping the selvages.


Estimate 2,000 – 3,000 U.S. dollars
West Turkestan, Last Quarter 19th Century,
the ivory and mahogany mirhab containing compartments of stylized floral elements all within the stylized floral and latchhook border
Approximately 5ft. x 4ft. (152cm. x 122cm.)

Provenance Christie’s New York, 9 April 1988, Lot 67

Description: Tekke Ensis

Origin: Central Asia, West Turkestan, 1st half 19th century
Size: ca. 155 x 112 cm
Estimate EUR: 19,000
Notes on Condition
This piece belongs to a group of so-called ”Animal Tree” Ensis. – Minimal losses to sides and upper end; sides newly wrapped; a very well preserved piece.

Literature References
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Tekke Ensi Engsi-Tekke. 1900 Van-Ham

Lesley and Robert Pinner Collection, Rippon Boswell, 15 May 2004 LOT: 24
Tekke ensi

LOT: 24
RUG NAME: Tekke ensi
AGE: pre-1800
ESTIMATE: 29.500 Euro
SOLD: 25.000 Euro
DESCRIPTION: Lot 24 Tekke ensi pre-1800 size 158 x 122 cm. Estimate 29.500 Euro.

Tekke/Teke Ensi PRICE € 1,000.00 (EUR)
Size: 132cm(H) x 123cm(W) / 4’4″(H) x 4’0(W)
Region: Central Asia ? Turkmen ? Tekke
Period / Date: 19th century ? late (1890 – 1899)
Full Description: The piece is missing a little on the top and bottom. There is little moth bite, some thin areas, clearly to be seen in the pics. Otherwise good pile. Rather good drawing.