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Juval – Joval, Chuval, Tschoval. A large rectangular bedding and clothing bag used by Turkmen. The bags are up to about 3 ft. by 6 ft. They are most often pile on one side but may be flatweave. The large bags are woven as pairs but used singularly.

Tekke Chuval 18th Century or Earlier

Tekke Chuval 18th Century or Earlier

18th century, West Turkestan, Central Asia, ca. 69 x 117 cm

“This could be the would be sleeper that gets a bunch of Turkomaniacs going and takes off. Hard to make a definitive judgement from the illustration in the catalogue, but this looks to be a very old and beautiful Tekke trapping. At the estimate it seems a snip. We shall see how it goes.” Alan Marcuson

The Tekke attribution is rather controversial. Hali a well-respected Oriental rug magazine in Hali 125 called the Tekke attribution a misattribution and attributed this piece to the Salor. In Hali 126 the curren towner Ronnie Newman argues this is a Tekke. The controversy is fueled by a few key facts. The Juval uses asymmetric knots open to the right which is a Tekke characteristic. But on the Salor side is the depressed foundation which is not usually seen in Tekke work of the age everyone agrees of this piece. Hali feels the color and aesthetic is Salor.

This is a splendid old Tekke. Rippon Boswell in Wiesbaden called it 18th century which seems conservative. Following James C. Allen on the spatial properties of the so-called “Flying Chuval Guls” this one seems very early. Of course since it sold for 27 times estimate I suspect I am not the only one who thinks it is very early.

A Tekke rug, West Turkestan, circa 1890

A Tekke rug, West Turkestan, circa 1890
183 by 131cm., 6ft. by 4ft. 4in., 113 by 74cm., 3ft. 9in. by 2ft. 5in. and 119 by 68cm., 3ft. 11in. by 2ft. 3in.
together with a pair of Tekke juvals

Tekke Turkmen chuval

Tekke Turkmen chuval,

Turkmenistan third quarter 19th century, 2 ft. 2 in. x 3 ft. 7 in. 0.66m x 1.09m. £350-450

Condition: Slight even wear in centre, vertical kink in top edge removed with loss of pile.

One of a group of pre-synthetic Tekke bags of extraordinarily fine weave and with extensive silk and cotton highlights.

Turkmen Tekke Chuval

Turkmen Tekke Chuval, 126×076 cm

Tekke Turret Gul Juval

The Tekke were a tribe which sided with the Salor and broke with the Ersari to form the Salor confederation. The Tekke later split with the salor and the Saryk in the 19th century and subdued them both. The Turret Gul was a Salor Gul which the Tekke made later than the Salor. Compare to the Salor Turret Gul in Salor Juval Fragment.

Antique Tekke Turkman
Size: 2 foot 4 inch by 3 foot 2 inch.

Structure: Asymmetrical knot open to the right. 14 knots per horizontal inch and 23 knots per vertical inch. 322 per square inch (4991 per square decimeter)

Yarn Spin: Z.

Warp: 2 ply white wool.

Weft: 2 shot brown wool.

Pile: 2 wool singles.

Ends: Post-hitch wharf binding with 1 inch warp fringe.

Selvages: 2 cord interlaced red wool.

Handle: Light-medium, soft, durable.

Further Notes: Antique, numerous repairs made.

Tekke Turret Gul Chuval C. 1900

Tekke Turret Gul Chuval C. 1900
Tekke Turkmen chuval,
Turkmenistan about 1900,
2ft.11in. x 5ft.2in. 0.89m. x 1.58m.

A Tekke juval, West Turkestan, circa 1890

A Tekke juval, West Turkestan, circa 1890
146 by 77cm., 4ft. 10in. by 2ft. 7in.

A Pair of Tekke Ak Chuval

Sakar gishik border Tekke Chuval 2nd half 19th C.
Turkmenistan second half 19th century,
2ft.4in. x 3ft.11in. 0.71m. x 1.20m.
Very slight even wear.
At first sight, the colour suggests a Yomut origin; however, the asymmetric knot open right and certain design details, e.g. the sakar gishik border and erre base elem are Tekke features.

A rare Tekke Turkmen kizil chuval in the usual mixed technique,
Turkmenistan second half 19th century, 2ft.7in. x 4ft. 0.79m. x 1. 22m.
Wear, small holes and slight damage to the plainweave areas.
Kizil (red) chuval seem to be rarer than Ak (white) chuval. Complete with undyed plainweave back.

Fine Tekke Chuval
Size: 80cm(H) x 116cm(W) / 2’7″(H) x 3’10″(W)
Region: Central Asia Turkmen Tekke
Item Type: Rugs and Carpets  Bags and Trappings  Chuval
Period / Date: 19th century second half (1850 – 1899)
Structure / Technique: Wool on Wool
Comments On Condition: Complete including back, visible hole, rest fine, good pile, all colours natural

Tekke Juval
The Dr. Jon Thompson Tekke Juval
A Tekke Turkmen Tent-Bag (Juval).Turkmenistan 19th century, Minor moth damage in the field, partial side borders, three rewoven areas in the upper edge. Approximately 2 ft. 6 in. by 3 ft. by 5 in. (076 by 104 cm)

close up

Tekke Turret Gul Chuval C. 1900
The W&W Tekke Turret Gul Chuval C. 1900

Banded Tekke Juval
The Dr. Jon Thompson banded Tekke Juval

Turkmenistan 19th century, Oxidized magenta silk, small reweave at top, small reweave to field, small holes, missing on sides and ends with an added selvage all around. Approximately 2 ft. 8 in. by 3 ft. by 7 in. (081 by 109 cm)
close up

Tekke Juval, 19th century
 The Dr. Jon Thompson 19th C. Tekke Juval
A Tekke Turkmen Tent-Bag (Juval).

Turkmenistan 19th century, Pile and flatwoven, cotton whites, silk highlights, small holes and small nicks. Approximately 2 ft. 9 in. by 3 ft. by 9 in. (084 by 114 cm)

Tekke Juval
 Tekke Juval ex Myna Bloom

Tekke Turret Gul Chuval C. 1800
Tekke Rug: Tekke Turret Gul Chuval C. 1800