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Tekke Khalyk Rug & Carpet Examples

Tekke Khalyk

Size: 34cm(H) x 71cm(W) / 1’1″(H) x 2’4″(W)
Region: Central Asia ? Turkmen ? Tekke
Item Type: Rugs and Carpets ? Bags and Trappings ? Khalyk

Tekke Turkmen Khalyk
Central Asia
19th Century

“Khalyks were woven for the ritual Turkmen wedding procession, where their tassels appear to have provided a curtain to hide the bride in her kejebe on the bridal camel. Of the relatively few surviving khalyks, those of the Tekke are the most common, and of these the ‘cup’ design of this example is second in number to the more common ‘kochak-cross’ design.

This unusually long Tekke khalyk (previously published in Turkoman Studies I, London 1980, Fig. 403) is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful examples known. As in most such khalyks the steep diagonals needed to draw the ‘cups’ are produced by offset knotting, otherwise seldom used in asymmetrically knotted pileweaves. In another sense ‘offsetting’ applies to the design where the ‘cups’ are drawn four colours in horizontal rows offset by one space in each row to produce the diagonal colour effect.”

Title: Extraordinary Tekke khalyk

Extraordinary Tekke khalyk, 63x37x18cm, with completely preserved chevron multicolored fringes.

Teke/Tekke 180 KPSI singleswefted Tekke khalyk
Teke/Tekke 180 KPSI singleswefted Tekke khalyk
180 KPSI singleswefted Tekke khalyk.
This is a rare sub-group of Teke/Tekke rugs. There are only 4 that come to mind. This khalyk and The Dr. Jon Thompson Purple Group Tekke Khalyk and a Khalyk that belongs to one of the New York Hadji Babas. There is also a Tekke Ensi that passed through my hands a number of years ago the Purple Group Tekke Ensi
Teke/Tekke rug
close up
close up
Teke/Tekke 180 closeup