Turkmen Horses

Turkmen Horses: The Heavenly Horse

Turkmen Horses: The Heavenly Horse
Turkmen Horses: The Heavenly Horse
North Khorasan province has 1,000 Turkmen horses.

Turkmen Horses Microchipped
Races Set for Nov. 23-24

Six hundred Turkmen horses have been microchipped in North Khorasan province, head of provincial Horseracing Board said. Microchips containing unique identification numbers were implanted in horses after subjecting the animals to several blood and medical tests, Abdoljalil Ghiadi was quoted by IRNA as saying. Information on microchips can be read universally by using special scanners, he added. The official explained that blood samples of the Turkmen horses had been sent to Germany for genetic studies in modern laboratories.
Ghiadi unveiled that ancestral charts of Turkmen horses will be printed soon. The official stated that microchipping the Turkmen horses will facilitate their export. He recalled that a bylaw on the export of Turkmen horses had been drafted by Agriculture Ministry. Ghiadi cited national regulations on export of domestic livestock based on which species whose cross and pure breeds are available in the province can be sold to foreign customers. He reiterated that the export of Turkmen horses should be in compliance with the enactments to make sure their genetic reserves are preserved.

“Given the above-mentioned regulations, about one third of pure Turkmen horses in North Khorasan province can be exported.“
Meanwhile, secretary of the board said that Turkmen horse show and racing competitions will be held in fall in Bojnourd. The show and contest is slated for Nov. 23-24, Hamid Salehi said, putting the budget set aside for the awards at 220 million rials. North Khorasan province has 1,000 Turkmen horses of which 700 are mature. Some 500 people are involved in breeding horses. The origin of Turkmen horse is believed to be the Jargalan region of Bojnourd, mostly inhabited by Iranian Turkmen tribes.