Yomut Asmalyk

Guide to The Yomut Asmalyk

An Asmalyk is a trapping used in a Turkmen wedding procession. Asmalyks may be pile or embroidered and are usually 5 sided. While 5 sided are most common there is a smaller group of 7 Sided White asmalyks. We can not rule out the possibility that some of the trappings that are rectangular are in fact asmalyks as well.

Here we can see a Turkmen bride and bridal party. Please note the Asmalyk on the flank of the Bridal camel. These were woven in pairs.
A 1924 wedding with Yomut Asmalyks

bridal party with asmalyk


Van-Ham Jomud. Asmalyk. Ashikmusterung.

Van-Ham Jomud-Tschaudor. Asmalyk. Mitte 19. Jh.

Yomud Seven Sided White Asmalyk

The Hort Yomut Asmalyk circa 1870

This is a Yomut asmalyk woven in Turkmenistan about 1870. It is in wonderful condition with great wool and colors.

The Hort Yomut Banat Cloth Asmalyk

This Yomut asmalyk was made in Turkmenistan about the turn of the century and is in excellent condition. It is made of banat cloth and felt.

The Hort Yomut Cloth Asmalyk circa 1900 

This Yomut Asmalyk was woven about 1900 in Turkmenistan. It was used as an animal trapping, and is in very good condition.

The Allen Yomud Asmalyk

West Turkmenistan, last quarter 19th century.

This rug has poled serrated Yomud guls in teal, aubergine, ivory and persimmon within an Ashik medallion border. Approximately 2 ft. 5 in. x 3ft. 10in.

Antique Yomud Asmalyk from Samarkand Galleries

Antique Asmalyk

Origin: Yomud Turkmen Tribes, Central Asia

Date: Mid to Early 19th Century

Dimensions: 3 ft. 9 in. x 2 ft. 3 in.

Seven Sided White Yomud Asmalyk

Yomut Asmalyk, Mid 19th Century

Warp: ivory goat hair (Z2S)

Weft: white wool and cotton plied together (Z2S)

Pile: wool; knot: symmetric with some offset knotting

Size: 2 ft. 8 in. x 4 ft. 6 in.)

Jomud Asmalyk, circa 1800

Jomud Asmalyk, TURCOMAN, circa 1800. Losses to pile, minor damages. Size: 2 ft. 7 in. x 4 ft. 1 in.

Yomud Asmalyk, Central Asia, West Turkestan, circa 1850

Origin: Central Asia, West Turkestan, circa 1850. Size: approx. 2 ft. 7 in. x 4 ft.

Antique Yomut Asmalyk from Cocoon

Origin : Central Asia, Turkmenistan , 19th Century.

Size: 3 ft. 9 in. x 2 ft. 3 in.

Weft : Wool

Warp : Wool

Material : Wool

Yomut Asmalyk, Mid 19th Century

Origin: Central Asia, West Turkestan, Mid 19th Century

Size: 2 ft. 5 in. x 3 ft. 8 in.

Notes: In very good condition; original finishes all around. Great quality and nice colors.

A Very Old Yomut Asmalyk

Size: 2 ft. 1 in. x 3 ft. 8 in.

Region: Central Asia, Turkmen, Yomut

Item Type: Rugs and Carpets, Bags and Trappings, Asmalyk

Seven Sided Red Yomut Asmalyk

Late 18th/Early 19th Century

Size: 3 ft. 1/2 in. x 4 ft. 8 in.

Warp: Wool and ivory plied with brown-gray.

Weft: Brown, ivory and gray wool, 2 shoots.

Pile: Wool; knot: symmetric with some asymmetric open to the left.

The 7 Sided Chodor Asmalyk

The 7 Sided Chodor Asmalyk

Size 58cm(H) x 115cm(W) / 1’11″(H) x 3’9″(W)

Region Central Asia -Turkmen – Chodor

Item Type Rugs and Carpets – Bags and Trappings – Asmalyk

Period / Date 19th century – third quarter (1850 – 1874)

Yomud Azmalyk, Turkestan, 19th century

Yomud Azmalyk, Turkestan, 19th century

4 feet 4 inches x 2 feet 7 inches

Yomud Asmalyk

Yomud Asmalyk

A Yomud Camel Decoration (Asmalyk) Turkistan, first half 19th century. Partial top with overcastting, overcast sides

3 ft. 5 in. by 1 ft. 8 in. (104 by 051 cm)

Warp: Wool, Z2S, ivory.

Weft: Wool, Z, 2 shoots, natural brown.

Pile: Wool, asymmetrical knot open to the left, some magenta silk.

Density: 8 – 10h, 17 – 18v.

Sides: Incomplete.

Ends: Remnants of red and ivory kilim finish folded under and sewn.

Colors: Madder red, brown red, deep blue, medium blue, blue green, ivory, walnut.

White Ground Yomut Asmalyk
White Ground Yomut Asmalyk
Origin: Central Asia, West Turkestan, before 1800. Approx. 89 x 127 cm. For its age, this rare collector’s piece is preserved in very good condition.