Yomut Okbash

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Two Yomud Okbash
Two Yomud Ok Bash

Origin: Central Asia, West Turkestan, 2nd half 19th century

Size: approx. 50×40/59×42 cm

In very good condition.


A Yomud Okbash

A Yomud Okbash

West Turkistan, circa 1880. Oxidized browns and blacks overcast sides. 1 ft. 11 in. by 1 ft. 6 in. (058 by 045 cm)

Warp; Wool, Z2S, ivory.

Weft: wool, Z2S, 2 shoots, dark brown, medium brown.

Pile: Wool, symmetrical knot.

Density: 10h and 17 – 19v.

Sides: Left side – 1 cord of 2 warps, overcast in red, some missing.

Right side pile forms V shape with medium brown kilim in triangular section, weft wrapper cord of 2 warps at selvage.

Ends: Overcast not original.

Colors: Deep burgundy, peacock blue, cobalt, cardamom, camel, putty brown, madder red, black

A Yomud okbash, West Turkestan

A Yomud okbash, West Turkestan

Third quarter 19th century.

Original side kilims folded under and sewn, overcast on three sides, stains, minor repaired punctures.

Approximately 1ft. 11in. by 1ft. 7in. (0.58 by 0.48m.)