Calming Bedroom Ideas

Relaxing Room Ideas for Creating a Bedroom Sanctuary

We often view our bedrooms as personal getaways, a quiet place to stretch out and unwind after a long day. However, when trying to create a space that promotes calmness and well-being, it can be hard to know where to start. With the right planning, furniture, color choices and decor, designing a tranquil bedroom sanctuary can be easy.

Master Bedroom Retreat: Selecting the Right Furniture

The first step to creating your own relaxing oasis is choosing comfortable and inviting furniture. Since you’re spending time here as a getaway, you’ll want this room to relieve tension and stress. Think about items like soothing beds, spacious dressers, convenient nightstands and quality linens to promote relaxation.

Start Your Bedroom Sanctuary with a Cozy Mattress

Whether you want to lie back and read a book or take a quick nap and recharge, your bed will most likely be your go-to lounging spot. When selecting the best mattress, look for a model that meets all your comfort needs. With choices from ultra-plush to extra firm as well as memory foam or innerspring support, make sure to test your mattress thoroughly for best results.

Declutter with Stylish Storage

Organization is important when it comes to creating your bedroom sanctuary. A neat and tidy layout keeps stress levels low and prevents the space from feeling cramped or overwhelming. Instead of walking into a cluttered room, take advantage of storage options that reflect your sense of style, color scheme and design preferences to create a calm, orderly oasis.

Dressers are a bedroom essential. Choose one with plentiful storage to help keep your bedroom comfortable and organized.
Dressers are a bedroom essential. Choose one with plentiful storage to help keep your bedroom comfortable and organized.
  • Dressers: With a range of sizes and drawer configurations available, dressers are a must-have for bedroom storage. Keep your clothes and extra blankets neatly tucked away and leave more space for the things that matter.
  • Nightstands: The perfect companion to your mattress, bedside tables make life easier. Most nightstands come with built-in drawers where you can store sleep masks, moisturizers and other bedtime essentials. Additionally, spacious tops provide ample room for device chargers and table lamps.
  • Chests: A storage chest also keeps your space clean and clutter-free. If you need to organize bigger blankets or a large amount of clothing, look for chests with roomy shelves hidden behind solid cabinet doors so you can stash them out of sight.
  • Storage Benches: Whether you place one against a wall or at the end of your bed, a storage bench offers a convenient seat as well as a place for bedding or clothes. Stow seasonal garments, blankets and shoes within their spacious compartments to preserve your neatly organized space.

Having a designated place for all of your belongings creates an open, tidy environment. Combine several pieces, such as a dresser, nightstand, and chest, to get the perfect amount of storage and relieve any stress you may have about clutter or organization.

Peaceful Bedroom Ideas: Love Your Linens

One cost-effective method to create a tranquil bedroom refuge is a new set of bed linens. Look for natural fiber sheet sets with a high thread count to wrap yourself in silky softness all night long. Calming shades such as silver or blue are best for restful slumber. For an extra cozy way to relax after a long day, opt for a blanket that’s a size bigger than your bed.

Calming shades such as silver or blue are best for restful slumber.
Calming shades such as silver or blue are best for restful slumber.

Get creative with your duvet by selecting patterns and colors that reflect your personality. A crisp, white comforter is a tried and true option, while bold floral prints provide a hint of the outdoors. For a homey, lived-in approach, a classic quilt brings charming patterns into your design. Selecting a light summer set as well as heavy winter bedding lets you stay cozy in any weather.

Save on Your Bedroom Sanctuary with Sets

Need a stress-free way to outfit your entire space? A complete bedroom set is the perfect solution. Purchasing a designer-curated collection gives your bedroom a fully coordinated look. Buying a bedroom set saves time and money, too. You’ll spend less by bundling everything into one easy purchase while avoiding the hassle of hunting down coordinating pieces and buying items separately.

Relaxing Bedroom Colors

Color can instantly establish a more laid-back environment. Whether you gravitate toward softer hues or delve into darker shades, choosing the right palette for your bedroom sanctuary is key. When selecting your base hues, consider calming colors such as:

  • Pastels: Softer colors such as pale green, baby blue and light pink promote a tranquil vibe. When setting the overall tone for your bedroom, consider a blush headboard or a mint green comforter and sheet set.
  • Neutrals: Encompassing a spectrum of shades from white and beige to brown or black, neutrals are popular in interior design because they complement every other color of the rainbow. If stress-free decorating appeals to you, consider using tan, gray or ivory in your layout.
  • Earth Tones: For an outdoorsy bedroom escape, decorating with earth tones is the next best thing to being in nature. Look for bedroom furniture in earthy greens, deep browns and cool blue hues to create a look you’ll love coming home to.

Relaxing Bedroom Ideas: Change Your Lighting

Proper lighting makes any space feel more inviting. Combine natural sunlight with different light fixtures to create a warm, welcoming, and relaxing bedroom. When deciding which lighting you want in your space, consider options such as:

  • Chandeliers: Ideal for larger bedrooms, a chandelier draws the eye and provides a warm glow whether you’re enjoying breakfast in bed or staying up to read the latest page-turner.
  • Floor Lamps: A versatile addition to any bedroom, you can arrange a couple of floor lamps around your layout to illuminate a reading nook, vanity, or bedside table.
  • Table Lamps: Place a table lamp on your nightstand for easy access to a strong light source when you’re reading before bed or writing in your journal.
Chandeliers are ideal for larger-sized bedrooms.
Chandeliers are ideal for larger-sized bedrooms.

Adding Rugs to Your Bedroom Sanctuary

Looking to take the warmth and comfort of your bedroom to the next level? Consider arranging area rugs by your bedside. These plush carpets protect warm toes from cold hardwood floors on chilly mornings. Additionally, area rugs come in a range of soothing patterns, colors and designs to complement your look.

Relaxing Bedroom Decor

When putting the finishing touch on your sanctuary, the right bedroom decor makes all the difference. With styles and colors to fit almost every taste, finding the right accents to soothe your senses is a breeze. From decorative wall pieces to abstract sculptures, embellishments bring new textures and complementary hues to your bedroom retreat.

  • Wall Art: Wall art adds color to your bedroom, but you can also use these pieces to create a serene atmosphere, too. Try adding canvas prints featuring soothing nature landscapes or rolling waves to inspire calming thoughts. Or, select a few contemporary abstract pieces that speak to you and help you unwind.
  • Plants: A little greenery goes a long way. Adding fresh-cut flowers to a vase can brighten your mood and ease tension. For some no-fuss foliage, arrange a few silk plants along your dresser or bookshelf to complete your room’s design.
  • Decorative Accents: Develop a personal ritual for your bedroom sanctuary by swapping out seasonal decor with different accents throughout the year. Bring in some candles, metallic statues or a throw blanket to transform your room’s visual appeal and add textures to match your mood.