How to Choose the Best Power Lift Chair

Power Lift Recliner Buyer's Guide

Mobility issues, whether temporary or long-term, affect many different aspects of a person’s life. Any tools that increase comfort and promote independence while emphasizing safety are well worth the investment. A power lift recliner is often a game-changer for those who need extra support while sitting or standing.

Power lift chairs give you a boost when you want to raid the fridge or let you recline in a comfortable, elevated position as part of a therapeutic routine. We’ve done our research and put together this buyer’s guide to help you choose the lift chair that best fits your needs.

Choosing Your Chair: Factors to Consider

Understanding the functions and features of power lift chairs is crucial. In addition to finding a recliner that delivers convenience and support, you’ll also want a seat that coordinates seamlessly with the rest of your layout. Keep these key points in mind as you begin your search:

Weight Capacity

Recliners with lifting capabilities ease the transition from sitting to standing and vice versa. The different mechanisms and moving parts in play have specific weight limits for safe operation. Chair capacities typically range from 350 to 500 pounds to ensure smooth, stable movement. Before making a purchase, consider bodyweight along with medical devices, pets and kids or grandkids that may share the recliner with you.


If you’re buying online, carefully review the power lift recliner’s dimensions before taking the plunge. Seats should be several inches wider than your hips. Also, measure from the top of your head to your tailbone, and look for back support that’s slightly longer. Pay attention to the chair’s arm design, too. Wide rolled arms are stylish, but sometimes they make positioning a bit more challenging.


To get their full range of motion, some lift chairs need a little bit of distance from walls and other furniture.

Take the chair's full extension measurements into account to avoid blocking footpaths or encountering obstacles when attempting to recline.
Take the chair's full extension measurements into account to avoid blocking footpaths or encountering obstacles when attempting to recline.


  • Two-Position: In addition to lift assistance, these chairs can remain upright or recline. When you just want some help getting up from a seated position, along with the ability to lean back and relax, this is a good budget-friendly option.
  • Three-Position: Three-position lift recliners let you sit up, lean back and lie almost flat. They’re perfect for the occasional nap as well as reclining to read or watch TV.
  • Infinite: If you’re likely to spend time sleeping in your new chair, infinite-position power lift recliners are your best bet. You get full lift support, foot- and headrest control, as well as a comfortable, flat sleep surface.

Special Features

When shopping for a power lift recliner, make a wish list of helpful features that would make life a little easier. Design elements that offer convenience or therapeutic benefits include:

  • Swivel motion: This component lets you choose the direction of your lift support and enables you to turn rather than raising up, shifting or straining to reach a glass on the end table.
  • Storage pockets: Keep devices, medications and remotes organized neatly by your side with these handy compartments.
  • USB ports: Accessible power outlets ensure your phone and other electronics stay charged without the fuss of long, easily tangled cords.
  • Cup holders: Stay hydrated while avoiding spills with cup holders that keep drinks upright even when the chair is in motion.
  • Lumbar pillows: These ergonomic accessories can help ease back pain and support good posture.
  • Wireless controls: Rather than dealing with a mess of cords and wires, consider wireless remotes or button-controlled power reclining seats.
  • Heat and massage: Relieve stress and soreness in a snap with these features. Those with complications from diabetes or other issues should consult with a physician before choosing this option.
A storage pocket on the side keeps remotes and magazines close at hand.
A storage pocket on the side keeps remotes and magazines close at hand.


Easy to clean materials, such as microfiber and top-grain leather, are ideal for power lift recliners. If softness is a priority, consider options like poly-blend chenille or velvet to get low-maintenance durability as well as a luxurious surface to lean on.

To ensure long-term, comfortable use from your new chair, always test your textiles. Smooth vinyl and faux leather can become uncomfortable in humid weather, while plush fabrics may get too hot after sitting still for too long.

Cushion Style

Cushioned backrests are a big part of a power recliner’s comfort level. Pillow backs offer plush bounce, while button-tufted cushioning is more firm. Split backs often increase lumbar support, while sewn pillows and biscuit backs offer varying soft or firm levels depending on their design.

Relax with a padded full chaise and seat for head-to-toe comfort.
Relax with a padded full chaise and seat for head-to-toe comfort.


Coordinating your lift chair with an existing layout is easy. These seats come in a wide range of silhouettes and colors to complement your home’s decor. You can also choose a power lift recliner in a contrasting hue or select one with a unique shape to act as a statement piece.

Whether you prefer a contemporary vibe, a laid-back rustic style or a traditional theme, the key to finding a coordinating lift chair comes down to its design. Choose crisp lines and slim track arms for modern motifs or opt for tufting and pleats for a classic approach.

Staying within the same color scheme produces a cohesive look. Neutrals like gray and beige blend well with wood elements as well as earthy greens or warm red hues. You could also create a monochrome palette and choose a lighter tint or darker shade in the same color family. For example, a sky blue lift chair paired with a navy sofa adds dimension without disruption.

Bring it Home

When buying a power lift chair, comfort is key. Focus on what feels good, search for beneficial features, opt for fabrics that soothe and support, and then purchase the lift chair that offers the benefits, enhancements and design you need for your home and lifestyle.