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Add Coziness with Fall Color Schemes, Patterns and Textures

Say goodbye to summer and make way for bonfires and chilly nights with fall-inspired textures, patterns and hues. Warm and comfy fabrics, fun fall prints and rich color palettes will help you capture that inviting autumn atmosphere. Incorporate these elements into your living room, dining room and bedrooms to create a cozy vibe in your home this season.

In this post, we’ll give you some ideas on decorating for the season, including:

Fall Decor: Revamping Your Home with Autumn Colors, Patterns and Textures

Balance is key when choosing autumn decor. Combining the subtle and striking shades of the season allows you to design dynamic color schemes. Meanwhile, furniture with rustic wood finishes and classic velvet upholstery promotes both casual comfort and timeless elegance. Use the following tips to design a fall layout that’s equal parts chic and cozy.

Autumn Color Palettes: Subtle and Striking Seasonal Shades

Get your fall home decorating underway by adding seasonal hues to your existing decor. Incorporating these bold and balanced shades into your design is a great way to revitalize the space and reflect the look of the changing scenery outside.


Ruby-red leaves and scarlet autumn berries represent one of the more vibrant hues of the season. Bring in a burgundy sofa or cardinal chair to boost a muted color scheme, or try a striking red or cherry wood end table. If you need just a splash of this warm hue, spread a wine-colored tablecloth over your dining table.

Other options in red:


Deep brown decorative accents bring a charming and balanced vibe to your autumn ensemble. Sepia, beige and chocolate brown throw pillows create a soothing, earthy aesthetic, while rustic wooden benches and terracotta planters add a touch of warmth to the space.

Other styles in brown:


Cheerful orange hues are ideal for fall decorating. Bring color and texture to your home using fall-themed gourd and pinecone sculptures on your countertops and fireplace mantle. Create some contrast with your seating ensemble by rolling out a pumpkin-colored rug or showcase fall harvest flowers with decorative vases filled with mums and sunflowers.

More options in orange:

Warm and vibrant, orange furnishings are perfect for bringing autumn colors into your home and creating a welcoming environment.
Warm and vibrant, orange furnishings are perfect for bringing autumn colors into your home and creating a welcoming environment.

Channel the cheerful hues of sunshine and fields of wheat with yellow decor. A festive wreath made with golden leaves, fall grasses and vines is a welcome sight on an overcast October day. When you’re looking for a quick and easy way to brighten up your decor, use a cushy mustard-yellow ottoman by the sofa or hang a gorgeous gold mirror in the entryway.

Other options in yellow:


Shades of green bring a calm and refreshing quality to your autumn layout. Roll out a sage or forest green rug to evoke memories of grassy fields, or fill an oversized jade planter with ferns or dried grass in complementary tones.

More styles in green:

Fall Patterns and Prints

Incorporating fall patterns throughout your home is an easy way to get set for the season. Placemats featuring a leaf motif are a festive choice for your table setting. In the living room, drape a checkered fleece throw over a chair and scatter a few acorn print throw pillows on the sofa. You can even dress your bed in autumn decor with a comforter featuring embroidered vines and leaves.

Autumn Textures

Embrace the crisp and cozy feel of the season using unique textured fall decor. Add chunky knit afghans to your sofa to keep you snuggly and warm on chilly evenings. The wood grain detailing on light and dark wood accent tables creates a casual rustic vibe, while plush velvet accent chairs, ottomans and benches promote an air of classic elegance.

As the temperatures drop, warm up your floors and your fall color palette with a few high-pile red, brown or beige rugs. Choose soft and fluffy shag carpets to keep your feet toasty on frosty mornings. A well-placed runner with dense, natural fibers can add a touch of coziness to your entryway, plus they catch the inevitable fall debris from visitors’ shoes and boots.

Fall Decorating Ideas: Putting it All Together

With so many ways to use fall color palettes, patterns and textures, the real challenge is choosing the right combo for your home. Check out these fall decorating ideas to help you achieve a comfy and stylish autumn look.

By combining warm colors, cozy fabrics and rich textures, your home will feel snug and inviting during the cooler autumn weather.
By combining warm colors, cozy fabrics and rich textures, your home will feel snug and inviting during the cooler autumn weather.

How Can I Decorate My Living Room in the Fall?

Use soft and colorful fall living room decor to spruce up your space for the season. Vibrant orange and red accent pillows provide a dynamic pop of color for your seating arrangement and can keep you extra cozy while you watch Halloween movies with the family. Set up a small accent table and top it with pumpkin spice candles and beautiful floral arrangements with orange and yellow hues.

How Do I Decorate My Fall Dining Room

Create a balanced atmosphere in your dining room with elegant autumn accents. Prepare for formal family dinners by draping orange runners over your table and buffet. If you have enough space, add a sleek bench for extra seating, or use a second small dining set as the kids’ table.

How to Decorate Your Bedrooms for Fall

Fall bedroom decor should be comfortable as well as functional. Select comfy brown, beige or orange fall bedding to turn your bedroom into a charming autumn getaway. For an extra layer of warmth on those chilly nights, spread a thick quilt at the foot of the bed. Add a chest of drawers or a storage bench where you can stow your summer wardrobe until next year.

Use fun and unique bedroom decor to give your kids’ and teens’ rooms a fall makeover, too. Try girls’ bedding featuring a swirling gold marble print. For your kids, consider sports-themed rugs and lamps to fuel their excitement for football season. You can even set up a practical study corner using a desk, bookcase and chair so that the kids have a designated homework station.

Outdoor Autumn Decor

Decorating your patio for the fall allows you to get some last-minute use out of the space before packing it up for the winter. Set pumpkins, woven baskets and other outdoor decor on the porch to create an autumn theme. Add orange and red toss pillows to your patio sofa, and choose a stylish fire table or heater to keep you warm and cozy while you watch the leaves change.