Choosing Small Living Room Sets

Living Room Sets for Small Spaces

Can Furniture Sets Work in Small Spaces

Buying a full living room furniture set makes decorating simple. From tables to seating, a collection ensures you have everything necessary for a fully furnished and beautifully coordinated room. However, some larger sets may offer a little more furniture than a small space can accommodate.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Owners of smaller homes or condos and apartment renters who want the convenience and savings of a package deal might prefer a small furniture set. Choosing the perfect combination of pieces to maximize square footage is easier than you think. Try these small living room ideas to take full advantage of your space.

Compact Textured Sectional and Chair Set in Midnight Blue Accentuated with White and Blue Hues

Compact Textured Sectional and Chair Set in Midnight Blue Accentuated with White and Blue Hues

Think on a Smaller Scale

This first tip may seem obvious, but it’s easy to overlook. With limited space, your first instinct may be to go with less furniture. However, with a cleverly arranged and correctly sized small living room set, you can have all the pieces you need.

Space Saving Tables

To get the most out of your space, smaller collections often reimagine living room staples. Despite the convenience of a coffee table, end tables or tray tables can be easier to fit into a tiny room and fulfill a similar role. However, if you find that you can’t live without a coffee table in your life, you can always find a smaller version of the classic to fit your space. Buy a living room set with a few of these versatile pieces for a modern look that leaves plenty of legroom. Look for table sets that feature smaller scale round, oval or ottoman cocktail table options.

Seating for Small Spaces

Filling the whole living room with a huge sofa makes an already tiny area feel smaller. On the other hand, a compact loveseat, chair, or apartment-size sofa is the perfect piece of space-saving furniture. If you absolutely need lots of seating, consider fitting a slim sectional into a corner. If your small space requires versatility, a small sleeper sofa is great way to accommodate both daily living and overnight guests.

2 Piece Black & Gray Patterened Couch and Chair Set with Neutral Colored Accents

2 Piece Black & Gray Patterened Couch and Chair Set with Neutral Colored Accents

A Touch of the Contemporary

Even if you normally go for traditional decor, there’s a lot to learn from contemporary design. Modern pieces tend to have simple shapes and trim lines that use space efficiently. Any padding or ornamentation that takes up room without adding function is out of place. As a result, shopping minimal styles can help make pieces fit.

People who prefer classic decor can still have the look they love in a compact room. Choose a small living room set with a downsized silhouette and use accents that bring in traditional motifs. In addition, search for classic furniture that takes a page out of the modern playbook with features like open frames and exposed legs. The addition of these details, such as a small accent chair produce the illusion of greater space.

Measure Before You Order

When it comes to decorating tight spaces, taking measurements before shopping is crucial. Having a plan and some dimensions in mind streamlines the process and ensures every piece of your new small living room set will fit through the door.

To help you visualize the layout, one of the most helpful ideas for decorating a small living room is creating tape outlines. Find out the dimensions of any pieces you want to buy and use easily removable painters tape to mark the spots they would occupy on the floor. This process can answer some vital questions. Can you navigate the room easily? Will your furniture block any vents or obscure any windows, pathways, or doorways?

Versatile Furniture for Small Spaces

Small living room sets often include space-saving furniture that fulfills the needs of two pieces in one, helping you get the most for your money. For example, reclining sofas offer the benefits of a chaise lounge with a folding leg rest that tucks away easily. Storage ottomans can serve as a footrest, coffee table, extra seat, and spot for storing blankets or pillows.

Minimalist Wood and Metal Shelving Accent Designs

Minimalist Wood and Metal Shelving Accent Designs

Use Decor to Expand Your Space

Simple additions can help your room feel bigger than it really is. This is easy to achieve by adding decorative yet functional accessories to a living room set. Check out these small living room decorating ideas to make any space seem open and clutter-free.

Use Vertical Space

In tiny rooms, floors are valuable and limited real estate. To leave the ground available for furniture, take advantage of your walls. Choose hanging bookshelves rather than a standard bookcase or overhead lighting instead of floor or table lamps.

Move Towards the Center

It may seem counterintuitive, but you can also try moving furniture away from the wall. Creating a little breathing room instantly makes any area feel more balanced. Even a few inches can make a real difference in terms of the look of small living rooms. Try adding a focal point to your small room by designing your space around a small area rug. Using a runner rug is also a great way to divide a room into two unique spaces.

Add a Mirror

Mirrors are a decorator’s best friend when it comes to creating the illusion of more room. Try hanging a mirror opposite of a window to bounce light around the room and reflect wide-open spaces. A bright home full of natural light will always feel airier and more inviting than a dark one.

Decorative Mirrors Can Bring Natural Light and the Illusion of Added Space to a Room

Decorative Mirrors Can Bring Natural Light and the Illusion of Added Space to a Room

Small and Chic

Beyond all the practical features of buying small living room sets, it’s also important to choose space-saving furniture you love. Compact pieces can still be big on style, so search until you find the collection that will make your living room a place where you enjoy spending time.