Spring Is Here

Are you ready?

Things are starting to warm up, plants and flowers are blooming, and it’s the perfect time of year to get a fresh perspective and spend more time outside.


What better place to relax and sip a cold drink than in the privacy of your own outdoor retreat? That is unless your patio looks like it hasn’t been used in a year… Not to fret, it’s easier than you think to freshen things up and get ready to hang outside.

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Clean Up


It will be well worth the effort to spend time doing things like sweeping your deck and spraying down your patio. It feels good to lounge outside when your outdoor space is clean and looking fresh.


Check out some of these tips to start getting your outdoor area feeling like a retreat in your own backyard.

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· Use a good outdoor push broom and sweep your patio or deck weekly


· Dust windowsills and doorframes to sweep away debris and cobwebs


· Get bugs out of light fixtures – remove covers and rinse or wipe clean


· Rinse awnings – for a deeper clean use soap and water to remove stains


· Hose off patio furniture as often as needed to remove any dust or dirt

Lighten Up Your Décor


Once you’ve got those leaves raked and your outdoor furniture cleaned up, it’s time to put away the cozy and bring out the airy in your décor.


Accent pillows are a fast and convenient way to get your outdoor space looking styled. Using pillows that are made specifically for outdoor decor makes it super easy, too. These typically resist UV damage and dry easily after getting wet from a spring rain shower or a spray by the hose. Using fun pops of color and pattern can make your outdoor space super inviting to lounge in.

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Add Flowers


What better expresses spring than flowers? Whether you’re planting them in your garden or setting smaller pots on tables or outdoor stools, spring-time flowers have a way of brightening the mood in virtually any setting.

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Don’t forget an umbrella! If your outdoor area isn’t covered, having an umbrella to keep the sun out of your eyes is not only helpful it adds even more style to your décor.

It’s super convenient to use an umbrella with a table that has an insert. Done and done.

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Umbrellas that are stand-alone are perfect solutions for creating a shaded seating arrangement for your outdoor lounge chairs or sofa.
Umbrellas that are stand-alone are perfect solutions for creating a shaded seating arrangement for your outdoor lounge chairs or sofa.

Did you know that you can wash your umbrella fabric?


Some models have removable fabric, others can be laid down while still on the pole and scrubbed with soapy water using a brush. Easily hose it off to rinse clean and then put the umbrella back up and open it up to dry.


If it’s been a while since your umbrella was cleaned or there are stains and mildew that isn’t getting out, it could be time to buy a new one. Check out these great options.

Spring Details


It’s the little things that can cut through the work of styling. Small details that really set things apart. Good lighting, an interesting rug, small accent pieces, these are the kinds of things that elevate your aesthetic and add those finishing touches to your decor.

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For spring, take a cue from your surrounding landscape. The plants and flowers that are blooming in your area can make beautiful decorative focal points. Add some larger potted plants around your furniture and some unique lighting, you’re one step closer to that outdoor oasis.


Adding an outdoor rug to your patio or deck can give the space a lot of dimension, especially when you choose colors and patterns that create contrast with your flooring.

Since the sun starts to set later in the spring, it’s nice to take advantage of being home after work to chill outside and watch the last light of day fade into night. Flick on those lanterns, get your firepit going and you’ve got yourself the perfect setting to decompress.


Outdoor lighting is a great way to add another touch of functional style to your patio spaces and if you’ve got a spot to hang an outdoor chandelier, take advantage! Versatile options like lanterns or table lamps allow the ability to adjust placement when creating a table setting or rearranging seating.

Spring is one of the best seasons of the year to enjoy time outdoors. Cleaning up, maintaining, and refreshing your decor can pay off big time. You’ll definitely be reaping the rewards of having that outdoor oasis.


Here’s to the fresh new start that Spring can bring!